Leading Positive Change in Liberia!

Our Mission

Christian Leadership Training International (CLTI) exists to bring both short-term and lasting change to communities through creative education initiatives, leadership training, and innovative entrepreneurship programs.

Our Vision

CLTI’s vision is to effect transformation spiritually, socially, and economically in all areas of the communities in which we serve.

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Education:  We’re Building a School

Today progress-framing almost completed

CLTI is building a premier, college preparatory high school in Gompa City. This school, Christian Leadership Academy, will focus on academic excellence within a faith-based environment, will prepare young people from grade 1-12 for college and university admission.

Support our Building Program

A donation of $10 will buy one bag of concrete. This concrete is needed for our next project of applying the exterior and interior finish coat to the walls. A donation of $100 will help us purchase a window or door. Each donation will help us reach our goal to build the first college preparatory high school in Liberia. Your donation is so much appreciated!


The Fish Ponds and Farming Project

Fish ponds #8 and #9 are currently under construction.

The fish ponds are located on the school campus.  In one area of the campus there is a deep ravine, making that area unsuitable for construction.    Building fish ponds in that area creates an innovative and useful purpose for that section of the campus.  The Fruit Farm is located on the slopes of the ravine, plus on some of the flat land of the campus. The goals of the Fish Pond Project and the Fruit Farm are twofold:

To provide fresh, locally grown fish and fruit to the Gompa neighborhood at a fair price. Ninety percent of the protein and produce consumed in Liberia is imported from neighboring countries, making for higher prices.  Locally grown fish and fruit will provide a cost effective alternative to the neighborhood.

To improve the school’s self-sustainability. Self-sustainability is a goal we know we need to strive for. With the sale of fish and fruit, we will be able to develop new programs, provide scholarships, perform building maintenance and use income in a variety of ways to support the school.

Entrepreneurship: We Support Young Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth Daniel


We support women by providing free, confidential, one-on-one consultation to their small businesses.  We provide “seed fund” loans for entrepreneurs who develop a good business plan to start a business for the first time, or enhance an existing business. These businesses are usually kiosk-style businesses typical to the region, selling home goods, produce, dry goods, cell phone supplies, and other necessities.  Mrs. Buor administers the Entrepreneurship Program, and her hands-on, compassionate approach has made this a thriving endeavor with a long list of women waiting to participate.

Leadership/Discipleship Training: We are Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

Through Leadership/Discipleship small groups, we coach and draw young men and women toward maturity in Christ, and ultimately change their lives. Leadership skills training helps prepare these young people to be Liberia’s leaders of tomorrow.  The Leadership/Discipleship groups meet for 8-12 weeks and are offered several times per year.  Participants are taught and mentored by Dr. Buor and a local pastor.  Currently we have two groups meeting: one on Sunday nights and one on Wednesday nights.

Over 100 students attended the first Discipleship Retreat
The Sunday night Discipleship Group meets outdoors whenever possible.
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