CLTI Launches Series of At-Home Gatherings

On Friday, September 2, Tom and Deb Bergman blessed us, and opened their beautiful home for an historic event.  It was the first At-Home Gathering in a series of evenings designed to introduce the ministry of Christian Leadership Training International (CLTI).  This was the first official launch event since the ministry began in late 2015.  The evening was filled with great joy, and wonderful fellowship with God and with one another.

Tom and Deb-IMG_2383
Tom & Deb Bergman

The group of 12 who gathered that night were treated to a delicious meal of sandwiches, sweet grapes, cakes, pies and coffee—all so delicious!  We were well-fed, all very full, and very appreciative.  Tom and Deb are members of Grace Church in Noblesville, Indiana, which will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary.  Yah and I were blessed to be members of Grace Church for 12 years while we were living in Noblesville. We are grateful for the Bergman family for their kindness, friendship, and above all, their love of Christ.

IMG_2384The evening was also a blessing for our ministry.  We received generous donations for the CLTI general operating fund, which will help us cover our general expenses including travel, transportation, and modest living expenses.  Additionally, we received enough support to provide one student, Caroline, with a full sponsorship of $1200 to cover tuition and fees for her final year at the United Methodist University School of Nursing in Ganta, Liberia. Caroline is currently doing an internship at United Methodist Hospital in Ganta.  Upon graduation, Caroline’s work as a nurse will impact hundreds of lives, and aid in the renewal and revival of Liberia.

IMG_2387It has been a wonderful start!  Ministries start small, but can then grow and flourish, and that is what we are hoping for at CLTI.  In Mark 4:30-31 Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, the smallest seed you plant in the ground. But when planted, this seed grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants.  It produces large branches, and the wild birds can make nests in its shade.”  We will rest in that promise!  We hope to impact Liberia and effect transformation by helping underprivileged and disadvantaged students complete high school and achieve a university education.  We will strive to support entrepreneurs with counseling and financial assistance, and we commit to mentoring the next generation to lead Liberia to a stable, fruitful, and faithful future.

Sei & Yah Buor

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