Overwhelming Partnerships and Planting More Seeds

Dear praying friend,

Yah and I have been on the road!  From September 12 through October 1st, Yah and I traveled thousands of miles from Indianapolis to Denver, Colorado, and from Denver to Palm Springs, Carpinteria, Santa Barbara and San Diego, California. During this trip we

Enjoying beautiful Colorado!

were blessed with overwhelming partnerships, and continued seed planting!

Our first stop was Denver, where our daughter Tonzia lives.  She works in Human Resources for a hospital after relocating from Indiana almost 2 years ago.

While in Denver, we worshiped at the Potter’s House of Denver at an early morning service. At the entrance, a gentleman walked straight over to us and said, “I want to warn you. Here in this church, we love people!” I said, “Thanks, I really love your warning!” His warning came to fruition throughout the morning. From before the service began until we departed, we experienced loving relationships, and felt the intimacy of a wonderful worship experience with God! People walked over to meet us one after another and welcome us to their church. The senior pastor, Dr. Chris Hill, recognized us during the service and welcomed us to Potter’s House of Denver.  Pastor Hill has a creative and dynamic communication style combined with exhilarating music that led to unending clapping, celebration, dancing, joy and peace in the spirit!

Later that morning we drove to Colorado Community Church (Aurora) on the other side of the city. CCC is Tonzia’s home church. We enjoyed great worship, and had the opportunity to make new friends. Senior Pastor Robert Gilenas used the parable of the “Wheat and the Tares” (Matt. 13:24-30; 36-43) to preach his message. He exhorted all of us to make visible our presence in the world until Christ’s return.  He assured us, based on scripture, that as long as our presence is in the world, darkness will never overtake.

Tonzia, Yah and Sei preparing to tour the famous Celestial Seasonings Tea factory in Boulder, CO

Following the worship service, Pastor Gilenas expressed to us his interest in visiting Liberia in the near future. We look forward to that!

Before we left the Denver area, we visited two Liberian families in nearby cities and enjoyed great conversation and delicious food. We also visited Dr. Dennis Walker’s home and saw his family.  Dr. Dennis is currently serving as Vice President at Tubman University in Liberia. Also, we visited Koligar and Marie Sakeuh and their family.  We were blessed to make new friends, and also to see old and beloved friends during this trip to the Denver area.

But this was not the end of the voyage!  As mentioned above, we traveled on to California and realized more adventures and more blessings.  Watch for another blog entry in a few days to learn more about our journey.


Sei and Yah



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