Sei and Yah in Liberia: A Year-End Appeal



Dear Friend in Christ,

This is a special time of the year that gives us a unique opportunity to ask for your generous tax-deductible donation to support Christian Leadership Training International Ministry in Liberia.

CLTI is bringing lasting change to Liberian communities through:

  • Education
  • Discipleship
  • Entrepreneurship

 Yah and I have finished our U.S. travels. Beginning from Indianapolis,

A CLTI Home Gathering

we traveled to Tennessee, Chicago, Michigan, Denver, and California. We have shared our vision, our plans, our needs, and our hearts across thousands of miles which affirms God has been moving ahead of us and preparing the way for CLTI ministry in Liberia. We told our story to existing and new friends at homes, on college campuses, seminary, and at churches.

So many friends have responded. They heard and agreed on the need to empower the next generation of Christian leaders across the globe. So please

Sei sharing the vision of CLTI at Westmont College, Westmont, CA

allow me to share our continuing story with you as I have shared with so many.

Yah and I have invested 22 years of our lives in developing a vision large enough to fuel leaders across a nation. This goal is to educate and empower the next generation of Christian leaders in Liberia. Those leaders, in turn, bring spiritual, social, and economic transformation to each community they serve, and across the country.

We started with education initiatives with Liberia

One of our sponsored students

International Christian College in Ganta in 2009. We are so proud of our college, the teachers, administrators, and of course, the students. Already more than 300 graduated and launched into various missions.  Many lives have been changed, are still changing, and communities are changing. We also focused on discipleship so that leaders have greater and deeper knowledge about Christ, doctrine, and even running a church. Our third focus has been enabling Christian leaders with skills and resources to help support themselves much as Paul continued as a tent maker while serving communities he visited.

 The CLTI Board of Directors met in early November 2016 to roll out a

A few of our sponsored entrepreneurs with Yah Buor

one-year strategic plan.  We have plans to enable CLTI to become a Christ-centered Community. We are developing after school study programs for high school students, developing entrepreneurship skills, and providing seed funding for vulnerable women.

 We are so grateful that our first efforts have borne much fruit! Our supporters have fully sponsored five entrepreneurs, two college students, and three junior high school students.

Prayer Needs and Plans for 2017

Student scholarship fund: There are 3 college students who need financial assistance.

Sei and Yah present the staff of Jordan River Health Center with a donation of medical supplies from Fellowship of Medical Evangelism

Many students would not be able to attend college without assistance provided by your gifts. Your generous gift of $1,200 will support a college student for one year at a university in Liberia.

  • CLTI home office:  $3,000 is needed for finishing works on the CLTI’s office construction to cover digging of a well, constructing a water tower, electricity, and painting.
  • Operational budget:  CLTI depends heavily on the generous giving of friends to meet our monthly modest payroll, office supplies and media expenses. We are believing
    Richard Paye, Security

    God for $3,500 per month. CLTI has hired two support staff, one security guard, and anticipate hiring two more security guards and six instructional staff for our after-school study classes in Math, Science and English to prepare high school students for their state examination.

  • CLTI Preparatory Campus Development:  CLTI plans to purchase 15 acres of land to commence the construction of a preparatory high school in the city of Ganta.

    Left to Right: Laytopoe Mendee, Administrator, Yah Buor, Amelia Kpoblie, Entrepreneurship Field Director

 Here are 3 ways you can become a friend and partner of CLTI ministries:

(1)  Fill in the response form:  Mail in the enclosed envelope with your checks payable to: CLTI:  P.O. Box 1123.  Carmel, IN 46082.

(2)  Donate online:  Visit and click on “Donate” for easy and secure payment through PayPal.  You can make a one-time payment or set up a recurring donation.

(3)  Donate stocks:  Contact CLTI’s board chair, Mr. John Lieberman at 317-691-6407 for additional information, or Dr. Buor at

Friend, God has revealed that we must influence the supply chain of high school students, so that in turn, we have a supply of college students at Liberia International Christian College, so that the students can become the Christian leaders needed across Liberia. We are now starting to focus “upstream” with starting a premier college preparatory high school in the city of Ganta for young people who have both a passion for learning and pursuing higher education.

Our adventure continues with supporting needs at the collegiate level and starting a new journey at the high school level. Join us on the adventure via prayer, our newsletter, our website, through funding, volunteer work, and even via a visit to Liberia.

All contributions are 501(c)3 non-profit tax deductible through the ministry of CLTI! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and family from all of us at CLTI.

Sei and Yah Buor




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