Sei and Yah with a Year-End Message

Dear Partner,

2016 is rapidly winding down—actually there are only three days to go!  You can still make a difference in the nation of Liberia—a nation plagued by 14 years of brutal civil war and the recent Ebola virus outbreak leading to Liberia’s economic collapse.  It is my joy to write you and ask for your Legacy Impact Gift by Dec. 31 to claim Liberia for Jesus

CLTI Sponsored Students at Christmas


$138,000 is needed to increase our Legacy Impact in 2017 to:

·       Work with nine high schools at 8 after-school study classes, providing after school study for 487 high school 12th grade students who will be sitting for their state’s examination later in 2017.

·       Increase entrepreneurship loans from 8 to 20 vulnerable women to start or expand their small businesses and help them provide for their families.

·       Provide sponsorships to five underprivileged college students and 10 or more high school students.

·        Purchase 20 acres of land to develop a Premier Preparatory High School. The school will provide quality Biblically-based education for the children of Liberia. 

Most importantly, God is using your gifts to give students and vulnerable women in Ganta the opportunity to learn about Jesus and the gift of eternal life that he offers to us all.

Let me share a thrilling story.  Two weeks prior to the Christmas, a lady named Lakernue walked into our office. She simply appeared to have a bunch of goods on her head.  I thought she was attempting to sell some stuff to me or our staff. 

Lakernue Displays Seasonal Items for Sale

But, no, she was there for a better reason.  She had left her village about 5 a.m. and crossed over to the Republic of Guinea to purchase these items.  She had planned to purchase goods of the season to sell, but her funds were low. She had heard about our entrepreneurship programs from women who have already benefited, and she stopped by with the few things she had purchased and wondered if we could give her additional funds to increase her goods.  We had very little money left, only about $250.  After our team had done some investigation into her situation, we released the $250 to her. She could not control her tears and her joy at how God had answered her prayers.  Lakernue returned to Guinea the next day and purchased more goods. Lakernue has 7 children and her husband is a farmer, and both are dedicated Christians.

Our faithful God has given us a big vision, and we believe God will speak to his people, like you, to provide to those in need.  After what we have seen and experienced daily in Liberia, I cannot help but urge you to prayerfully consider how you can partner with us to expand CLTI to help hundreds of additional Liberian young men and women in high schools and in business. 

Today, would you consider making a generous Legacy Impact Gift to CLTI?  Would you consider a gift of $1000, $5000, $10,000 or even more?  We would be incredibly blessed by your gift of any amount!

CLTI Staff and Friends Gather at Christmas

I’m unbelievably grateful for you and your involvement in Christian Leadership Training International in Liberia.  What you and others are inspired to do because of CLTI motivates all of us to return to our Lord’s kingdom-building task every day to expand the reach even further.

It’s been an incredible year—Thank YOU!

We wish you and your family a blessed New Year!

Sei and Yah Buor

P.S. Please give today and respond to this opportunity and need. Every gift, of any size, creates a ripple effect of Kingdom impact across Liberia. There is still more than a $100,000 gap in our operational budget as we head into the year-end. To make an easy donation, please go to WWW.CLTINTERNATIONAL.ORG. Click on the donate button. You may also make a check payable to CLTI and mail to:  P.O.Box 1123.  Carmel, IN 46235.


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