528 High School Seniors are Reaching for Academic Excellence!

Education Update

It’s been an exciting week in Ganta, Nimba County, Liberia.  High school seniors from 10 Ganta high schools are participating in CLTI’s after school study program.

Students at one of the ten participating high schools work on the pre-test

 This 3-month intensive course of study will prepare the students for the state sponsored achievement test required for admission to an accredited college or university in Liberia.

This test (which is similar to our ACT and SAT test) is mandatory for any high school senior hoping for a college admission.  Orientation was on February 21, the pre-test was taken of February 22, and study began in earnest on February 23.  The course of study will continue until the day of the test in late May.

Happy students celebrating the completion of the pre-test.

Entrepreneurial and Discipleship Updates

Both the Entrepreneurship group and the Discipleship group are meeting weekly.  Each group has about 12 participants.

The entrepreneurs meet with Yah for encouragement, mentoring and to monitor progress.  Fellowship and prayer are also a strong component of each meeting.

The Discipleship group also meets weekly with Sei and Yah.  This group incorporates prayer, Bible study and discussion.  They continue to support each other’s walk with God, and seek a pathway to spiritual maturity.

Please pray for our ministries.

Some of our discipleship students with their study guides.

We’re on Facebook!

Are you on Facebook, too?  One way to support this ministry is by spreading the word about CLTI, and reaching more people who might be interested in participating in the work of rebuilding Liberia through Christian initiatives.  If you are on Facebook, please consider “liking” our Facebook page, “liking” our posts, and “sharing” our posts.

We are always grateful for your participation in this ministry.  It’s because of your faithful generosity that 528 students, 12 entrepreneurs, and 12 discipleship students have an opportunity to grow and improve life for themselves and their families.

The work is just beginning, and our projects are significantly underfunded.  Our RAE teachers are working for a little bit of salary with the promise of fulfilling our obligation to them down the road.  If you are able to make a donation today, large or small, it will be so much appreciated!  Many thanks for your faithful support!

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