Meet Betty!

Dr. Buor writes: 

Betty is one of our Reaching for Academic Excellency students.  Betty was born with perfect vision, but became totally blind when she entered 11th grade.  Betty is not a 12th grade 20170413_145827student, preparing for the State Exams scheduled for May.  Betty considers herself to be like any other student.  She has been working hard to be ready for the exams next month.  

We will be transporting Betty to Monrovia at the time of the exams.  She will be joining
other 12th graders with the same condition.  Betty told me she will use braille to take her test.

This afternoon, Betty asked for my phone number.  When I started to ask someone to help her program the number into her phone, she stopped me and said she could do it herself!  So I read my number to her, and she entered it on her phone.  To my great surprise, she was able to call me later in the day perfectly!  Betty is one of the reasons we are committed to serving here in Liberia, and we are so glad to do so!

Please pray for Betty, and also for two other disabled RAE students who are in wheelchairs.  



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