Reaching for Academic Excellence: A Successful Ending

Dear Partner,

Thank you for your prayer and financial support!  Because of you, CLTI’s Reaching for Academic Excellence ended very successfully.

Back in February, CLTI started the after school study classes, and they ran through the second week of May. This week, the students are gladly writing their national examination.

In February we enrolled 528 12th grade students from 10 selected private and Christian high schools. The classes started with 298 boys & 230 girls.  We hired 18 trained, competent teachers and tutored the students four days in a week (Monday through Thursday), for three hours daily. The faithful Lord provided through you, our partners, all the funding we needed, and we were able to pay all of our support staff and instructors.  We also were able to purchase workbooks and pens for all of our students and instructors.

The process was intense and very challenging for students, teachers, and for staff as well. Nevertheless, the study program went very well, and ended with 158 boys and girls 127 completing the program.

Final d
Students gather with Dr. Buor on the last day or Reaching for Academic Excellence

Here are some encouraging words from some of the teachers.  Mr. Jonathan S. Gleeklay, an English instructor said: “Please, let’s do the classes again, but let’s start earlier.”  Mr. Gondoun Dahn, from the Literature team:  “I am very excited that CLTI brought the program to help our students develop more confidence in their future.”  Sama, a Math instructor; “I am always ready to come back to teach for RAE.”

From student Darius Kpayili of Harriet E. Parkinson High School; “I am excited and ready for my national examination, which come next week.”  Miss Jacqueline Massaquoi from the United Methodist High School says: “The teachers prepared us extremely well during these three months; I am ready to do my best in the national examination this year.”

Students are national examination hall
One of the many groups taking the national exams last week

 We are very grateful to Almighty God for His guidance and protection of the lives of students, faculty and staff.  The program has ended successfully!  To you, our faithful partner, we say thank you for standing with us to the end!

This week, thousands of students across the nation of Liberia are writing their national examination, and that includes our students in Ganta.   This examination will determine if the student is qualified to graduate from high school and enroll at an accredited university or college.  Please join us as we pray for all 12th grade students across Liberia. The results of the examination will be out within a month or two.

Sei and Yah

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