Celebrating Their Faithfulness

When you make generous donations to CLTI’s Microfinance Project to provide loans to disadvantage Liberian women and men, lots of change happens.

Celebrating and recognizing their faithfulness!

Microfinance Group gather to celebrate successful loan repayments!

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Give her the reward she has earned, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”  (Proverbs 31: 30-31)

Dear Friend,

On May 6th, we held our “Proverbs 31:10 Women’s Loan Repayment Recognition Dinner.  The event was fully attended by all our clients and some of their spouses, and we had great food! All had faithfully paid back their loans plus interest in full. Some of our guests have taken out second or third loans to continue improving their businesses. We had a conversation, and encouraged each

Meal and fun together
Clients of the Micro-Finance program gather together along with some of their spouses for a time of food and fellowship.

individual to open a saving account within a month. Yah and her staff congratulated each client for their faithfulness on the loan repayment process.

How does the loan work?

Your donation checks and online giving are received at the CLTI office in Indiana. CLTI’s Treasurer transfers your money via Money Gram or bank transfer, and Mrs. Amelia Kpoblie, our field director in Liberia, receives your donation on behalf of the Liberian office. A final loan agreement is signed by an awaiting applicant. The money is distributed and gets to work with a Liberian entrepreneur. Since November 2016, our microfinance team has approved loans for 18 Liberian entrepreneurs for a total investment of about $5,000.

The Process. Our microfinance staff  manages the process of loan approvals. They begin with a basic application. Then they do background checks, check references and recommendations, and visit the applicant’s business site. When all is satisfactory a funding request is forwarded to Mrs. Buor who approved the loan. The initial loan of $25,000 Liberian dollars (250.00 American dollars) is issued. The applicant agrees to pay back the loan in three payments plus interest. The proceeds are used to pay local staff salaries, transportation, material costs, and to offset any losses.

The Life Changing Impact

THESE LOANS TRULY CHANGE LIVES! The underprivileged Liberian  men and women are empowered to start or expand their businesses that feed their families, send their children to school, build their homes, and allow them to contribute to their communities. We also provide counseling and training that focuses on debt free living. This is a very important part of the program. Most business people in Ganta are in debt from previous loans which they got from loan companies called “local clubs.” Some of these local funding groups charge 25 to 35 percent interest. Our interest rate is 15%, which is much lower than the going rate. It is because of the common practice of constantly living with debt that we initiated a new training component to help our clients learn to live debt free, and to open a bank account and start saving money.

Meet Ruth and Fasiah K. Massaquoi

Ruth and Massaquoi
Ruth & Fasiah Massaquoi

On May 6th, we held our first training session on debt free living and saving money. This week, Mr. and Mrs. Massaquoi opened their first bank account. Ruth and Fasiah Massaquoi received a loan of 50,000 Liberian dollars in April. This week, when they came to make their payment, they brought their new bank book along. They showed us that they had deposited $10,000 LD (100 US dollars) into their new account. Mr. and Mrs. Massaquoi operate a shop and sell dry goods. Mr. Massaquoi is a deacon in his local church. Soon Mr. and Mrs. Massaquoi will pay their loan in full, and will pocket more profits.

How You Can Help

Friend, there are five potential business people that are currently on our waiting list. They have been on our list for about two months. A gift of only $250.00 will empower a local entrepreneur to start a business. Today, would you consider making a generous gift to CLTI, and partner with one of these people to allow them to start a business?

Please make your check to CLTI, and mail to P.O. BOX 1123, CARMEL, IN 46082. OR click on our safe and easy “Donate” button above.

Your friends in Christ’s service,

Sei and Yah Buor,

CLTI Liberia

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