Making Disciples

These were Jesus’ instructions for His original disciples: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. As you go, preach this message: ‘the kingdom of heaven is near….'”

(Matthew 10:5-20)

Who is Jesus Sending You To?

Sunday Discipleship Group

Disciple Making” is CLTI’s key ministry focus in Liberia. In 2015, God called and launched our team and partners in the city of Ganta, the second largest and fastest growing commercial city next to Monrovia in Liberia. We focus on inner city high schools and their students, and college students. Initially, we selected 12 high school and

J. Polay 2
Jefferson Polay

college students, and met in our home every Sunday afternoon. From this group, we trained and identified our leaders.

Jefferson Polay is one of our co-leaders. Jefferson is a theology student at LICC, and studying to become a pastor and a church planter. His leadership influence and passion for making disciples for Christ make him a key player on our team.

Resources We Use and Their Impact

The Bible is our primary textbook. Alongside the Bible, we use a training manual called: “Finding Your Place in the World,” written by Joseph Williamson. The book’s premise is that life’s deepest question, Why am I here can find its answer in God’s Word. When we spend meaningful time with the “Truth,” and persist, we discover peace and purpose beyond anything we have previously experienced. God the Father shapes our character (who we are) and our calling (what we do), and roots us in Christ, and provides the stability to weather the storms of life and bear more fruit in our lives.

A couple months ago, we met Pastor Lombaye and Elizabeth, his wife. Pastor Lombaye drove in and invited us to worship at their Church. Pastor Lombay graduated from an

Pastor Lombaye and wife Elizabeth
Pastor and Mrs. Lombay

Assembly of God Bible College in Monrovia. His wife, Elizabeth, was among the first graduates of LICC, the pastoral training college we had helped to start some years ago.

After our initial visit he came back and asked if I could preach. Our busy schedules prevented us for a while. Then we had the chance to visit again, and again, and felt the Lord prompting our spirit about discipleship in this church, and partnering with Pastor and his wife in the hard work that they do. Finally, the light came on!

Saturday Group: Young Men and Women

Pastor and Mrs. Lombay planted their current church in 2007 that has grown to over 350 members. They have also helped to plant five other churches in the city. The church you see in the background was built by the faithful members, and with no outside support.

Jesus’ first instructions were for the original disciples at a specific point in time of their ministry. The good news about the kingdom was to be proclaimed first to the Jews only.

New discipleship nurse 6-20-17-2
Saturday Discipleship Group

After his death and resurrection, Jesus commanded the message to be taken to all nations (Matt. 28:19). Jesus has called us to Go and Make Disciples.” Our heavenly Father’s desire is to reconcile all men. We cannot go to all men or all places. We are called to Liberia, and our primary focus is high school and college students–these are the new generation of Christian leaders for Liberia.

What Are We Learning?

Jesus still calls ordinary men and women to go and Make Disciples. Churches in Liberia are filled with people that their lives don’t reflect His character and calling. Sadly, there are thousands of fans, but few followers; thousands of believers, but few disciples. They are stuck in perpetual spiritual infancy and never grow.

In our study and training, we sit at the feet of Jesus-teacher and listen. This is a teacher/student relationship. From there, we build on “God’s say-so.” So, we continue in good courage and will not fear as Jesus promised to be with us (Heb. 13:5-6).

We are so grateful to YOU: All CLTI’s Team Members, Board Members and Giving Partners for your dedication. You are Jesus’ first wave of Disciples, and know God has plans to change lives in Liberia.


– We are entering into the rainy season, and the weather is cooler and great, especially at night.

-Our health is great! Sei has had only one malaria episode, and Yah had some rashes on the skin from the local well water. All under control!

Prayer Need:

-We have been negotiating and made great progress on the Legacy Impact Project. Now, the first payment, $10,000 (50%) for the land is due by July 15. We have a shortfall of $2,000 to meet up the first payment. The second payment is due in December. Would you please help us make this first payment and secure the land?

In Christ,

Sei and Yah

This month our account is at its lowest point–the first time we have operated in red. Today, would you consider joining our support team?

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