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September 25, 2017

Dear Friend,

Yah and I arrived in the United States in mid-August, and immediately got to work planning for the upcoming ministry season in Liberia. While we are in the States, our work in Liberia continues with the vital assistance of our small staff. Exciting things are happening, and we want to share those things with you.

You have helped to pay 50% of the cost of the land slated for our new college preparatory high school. That means we still have $10,000 left to pay for the land. This money is due in December, and with your help we will succeed! Today, would you please consider a generous donation to help the purchase of this land become a reality?

We have been networking with colleagues and friends to begin raising funds for the construction of the building. We have been applying for grants from various foundations to help raise the $300,000 needed for construction.

Your generous financial support allowed more than 500 Liberian students participate in Reaching for Academic Excellence (our after-school study program). Of the more than 500 students who participated in our after-school tutoring program, 90% passed the mandatory national college entrance exams! This was a huge improvement. One high school that participated saw their students go from 40% passing to 90% passing. Another school saw 16 out of 17 students pass. We are thrilled with these results!

Similarly, both our Discipleship Program and our Entrepreneurship Program are thriving, and those programs will continue through the next year. We have seen many successes over the past year, and we feel blessed.

First Banquet- Please Mark Your Calendar: On the evening of November 10, 2017 we will be hosting our first fundraising banquet in Carmel, IN. All are welcome, and we would love to see you! It will be an evening of great conversation, wonderful food, and even a little entertainment. Your banquet invitation will be in the mail to you soon!

We ask that you pray for our ministry. We also ask that you consider making a generous donation today so that we can pay off the land and begin construction. Your gift will help countless young people have the chance for a high school education that will focus on preparing them for college level courses and a successful future.

Please note our mailing address, and send your gift today. Our address is:


P.O. Box 1123

CARMEL, IN 46082

Your friends in Christ’s service,

Sei and Yah Buor

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