After School Study in Full Swing AND CLTI Gears Up for Arrival of Architects and Engineers!


When Sei and Yah arrived in Ganta on January 26, they arrived home to a ministry that was in full swing.

Reaching for Academic Excellence (RAE) began classes on January 22. RAE is our after school study program to prepare high school seniors for the mandatory college entrance exams in May. This is the second time we are running the program. We had an rae 2018 1astounding response last year with 523 students signing up for the program, and this year, we have 580 students enrolled from 10 different high schools. Fourteen teachers have been hired, in addition to support staff. Several days ago, Dr. Buor received this message and these pictures from James Korlorblee, one of the high school principals:

Hi Dr.


We just ended one week of teaching in running the RAE Project 2018. We are grateful for the huge attendance and the commitment of the teachers.

I pray for your peaceful travel back home to Liberia as we are expecting you after long time of separation physically.

I am attaching few photos from the first week of the class.



What is especially encouraging is that the local high schools have appreciated having this program for the students and are enthusiastic about the results that last year’s program achieved. Approximately 89% of students passed the 2017 exam, an increase of about 30-40% over previous years. We have seen a commitment from the high schools to establishRAE 2 2018 this program as a continuing annual program. This year, the high schools have committed to providing the necessary supplies at a cost of about $600, and CLTI now only has the responsibility to provide the salaries for teachers and staff, a cost of $2000. This is a ministry that is at work in the community!

On another note, we are planning for the arrival of 12 volunteers from Engineering Ministries International (EMI) on February 7. We will be hosting architects, electrical engineers, civil engineers, survey personnel, and other specialists for 10 days as they plan the school campus, design the building, and work on plans for access roads, utilities, and other essential components. We are responsible to provide housing, meals, and transportation for the group.

Our campaign for this project will be starting within the next couple of weeks, but your donation now will help support RAE and the EMI visit. We have a commitment to pay our RAE teachers and support staff, and your donation will enable this year’s RAE to continue in a strong and stable way. Your donation will also provide support for the EMI engineers during their visit.

Can you help? Your donation is so much appreciated and we thank you in advance. God is good, and as we pray for you, we also hope you will pray for the ministry of Christian Leadership Training International. You can donate by clicking on the “DONATE” tab above, or, you can send your check to:


            P.O.Box 1123

            Carmel, IN 46082

Finally, Dr. & Mrs. Buor are unpacking and settling in at home in Ganta, and getting Internet services set up. They are doing well. We expect that you will be able to hear directly from them with the next newsletter post.

Thank you for your support!

The CLTI Team





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