Engineering Ministries International Hard at Work in Ganta!

The team from Engineering Ministries International has arrived in Ganta!  On February 7, we met them in Monrovia and on February 8, we traveled as a group to Ganta.  We also had 6 civil engineering students from the University of Liberia join us to use the next 10 days as a study/internship learning experience.  Our EMI team consists of 4 women and 8 men, and we have civil engineers, architects, surveyors, and electrical engineers. The work of designing and planning for our Leadership Development building has begun.  This building will house a premier college preparatory high school  plus offices for the Discipleship Program, Entrepreneurship Program, and an administrative office for CLTI.

Below you will find a number of photos from the first few days.  We have shared meals together, prayed together, and have been out to the property to start work. We also had a meeting with community leaders and Reaching for Academic teachers to discuss the project.  We are doing well, and we thank God for his faithfulness.  

Enjoy the photos below, and remember, any donation you can give now will help support our visitors as we provide meals, housing, and transportation for them.  You can donate by clicking on the “Donate” tab above, or by sending your check to:
P.O. Box 1123
Carmel, IN  46082

Welcoming and talking about CLTI vision to our guests
Welcome and first planning meeting
EMI- meal time
Sharing a meal together
The work begins!
A planning session
EMI getting started on the land
At the site
Soil testing
Community leaders, RAE teachers, and the EMI team all meet to discuss the project.
Praying together


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