Special message from EMI Team Leader, Greg Perry and “Thank you” from Caroline Korquoi

We have received a message from the Team Leader of the group from Engineering Ministries International (EMI) about how work is progressing. The message, along with some new photo, are below.  We are excited about what is happening in Ganta this week, and look forward to seeing the Master Plan soon!

We also received a thank you letter from Caroline Korquoi.  Caroline graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in December, and was sponsored by a friend of CLTI as part of our scholarship program.  We are proud of Caroline, and know her work will benefit the people of Liberia.  We are also grateful to donors who take on the task of students in completing  their education.  Congratulations, Caroline!  Thank you, sponsors!

From Greg Perry:

Exciting times around the site and guesthouse!  The EMI team has been working hard to capture the vision of the new campus. As the time passes, the vision for the campus continues to take shape.  Buildings are springing off the page with each meeting we have.  

The EMI Staff plus University of Liberia Interns with Dr. Buor

It is hard to keep up with all of the activity here, but I offer the following brief summary for you:

Architects are busily working on floor plans, building locations and shapes. There are many colored drawings, scratch pages and discussions flying around the room.  The work is furious but the vision is coming together.  
  • Civil engineers finally have enough information to start looking into water demand and how to handle the waste water on site.  Discussions with the architects to have space allocated for their needs are happening as the site is taking life.
  • Chemical engineer is honing the options for the aquaponics options for the site and also working with the architects on space needs.
  • Surveyors are out in the field today to collecting additional data on the areas around the site for the different design groups.
A plan in the making

The team is working hard to present the results of all of the input and meetings, vision scoping and programming and preliminary design into the master plan presentation, which will occur on Thursday.  The interns for the university have rolled up their sleeves and are joining in the design efforts.  Their insight and understanding of the rich culture and their design training are a huge asset to the team.

Look for more great news to follow in the coming days.
From Caroline Korquoi:

Dear Sponsor,                                                                        

I am pleased to extend my deepest and heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for affording me the opportunity to serve as a recipient of your financial aid program. I would like to inform you that I have successfully completed my course of studies in the field of Nursing, with a bachelor degree. Earning an education in Liberia means lot more than just studies–financial and family challenges all pile up to the list. Your timely intervention in

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 2.45.56 PM
Caroline Korquoi

this endeavor made all the difference.

Today, I am proud to be among the graduates of the United Methodist University, with a bachelor degree. On January 9, 2018, I walked through the walls of the United Methodist University. If it would not have been for you, I would have found it difficult to manage everything alone. I am so grateful for all the efforts you have made. With your endless support, I am now a registered nurse who will serve and save lives of the needy people (sick) in Liberia and the World at large.

Words are just inadequate to express, but just to say a BIG THANK YOU for all you have done.  I sincerely appreciate your support.  Thank you so very much.

Sincerely,  Caroline Y. Korquoi 




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