EMI Architect and EMI Intern Report on the EMI Project

We have received two reports from the work crew in Ganta. One is from EMI intern, Lauren Bonney, and the other is from Tobiloba, an architect from Nigeria who is on the EMI team.  Our thanks go to them for participating in such a significant way! We hope you enjoy reading their reports.

From Lauren Bonney:

Today has been a day full of learning, collaborating and calculating in the guest house as our eMi team continues to design with CLTI to see their vision of creating a new school, health, entrepreneurship and discipleship center realized. Each of us interns got the chance to shadow different people throughout the day to talk through project-relevant topics

Lauren Bonney
Lauren Bonney

related to their specialized fields; it was an excellent opportunity to grow our skills and to help with the design efforts.

As the main civil engineering intern, I spent the day talking through rainwater and wastewater management strategies with the rest of the civil team and a few of our local interns. Other local interns shadowed the architects as they transformed two-dimensional sketches into more concrete floor plans and three-dimensional models using Revit. And still others put the finishing touches on agricultural revenue plans with our chemical engineer.

And from Tobiloba:

Working on this project has been such a blessing to my team, seeing the impact the work you spent the past week doing and seeing how everyone’s faces light up when the design takes shape is such a joy to behold. 

We spent the past 10 days coming up with an amazing legacy for CLTI and while the road there has been intriguing and not without a few bumps, the immediate reaction to the final presentation was encouraging. 

The design attempts to capture the three core strengths of CLTI (education, discipleship and entrepreneurship) also taking into consideration key areas that can be utilized. The site initially presented a challenge to the design team but no mountain is too high to climb and the interesting way we tackled the ravine shows that. 




We have attempted to design a school that speaks to the needs and desires of the community in Gompa city, this school will cater to students from Grade 1-12 which is the core of the education arm and also focuses on equality for women by means of an entrepreneurship center which will also double as a discipleship center for the edification of the spiritual needs of the community. 

We have found a great way to utilize the ravine with a plan to implement an aquaponics system where we plan to build fish tanks at the bottom of the ravine and use the nutrients from the fish water system to help grow vegetables, which will generate revenue for the leadership development center. 

Presenting the design to key members of the community was an amazing experience. 

These past few days has taught me love, service and patience. Grace has been given to us to design this center and we believe we did our best and we hope and pray for favor and mercy for Dr. Sei as he embarks on the construction of this leadership development center. 

The “Class Photo”–EMI Staff and interns with Dr. Buor


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