Sand, sand, and more sand!

Looking at the first image below, you would think that these men were digging up a large pile of dirt. But actually, they are digging up sand. When we realized that the ravine on our land was rich in sand which could be used for construction to make concrete bricks, we decided to harvest the sand to save on materials costs.

Check out the following photos to see how clean and beautiful the sand is after washing. Dr. Buor climbed to the top of the sand mountain to show us!

Acquiring the sand is the first step in the process of building 20,000 concrete bricks. Next will come the delivery of crushed gravel, then bags of concrete. Mixing and forming of bricks will take place on the property. After that, the foundation will be poured.

Groundbreaking is planned for May 26 at 10 AM.


Meet Josephus Mehn: A Scholarship Opportunity

Josephus Mehn
Josephus Mehn

This is Josephus Mehn, a 12-year-old 5th grade student at Ganta United Methodist School. Josephus needs sponsorship for his tuition, registration, and uniform. Coming from a family of 8 children, his parents cannot afford to send the children to school. Three of the children attend school with the sponsorship of donors in the United States.

Josephus’ father, Joseph, is a farmer who grows enough for the family to eat, but he has no income. His mother, Comfort, does not have a job.

Tuition, registration, and uniforms for Josephus totals $250.00 for one year. Can you help by sponsoring Josephus? If you can, please contact Sei Buor at

Students Prepare for College Entrance Exams

Reaching for Academic Excellence, our after-school study program, has been in full swing since January, and is currently serving 583 high school seniors from 11 high schools. Eighteen teachers and staff from the high schools are teaching.

Student at pre-examination
Students taking a math exam during RAE class last week in Ganta

Tutoring is 4 days a week, and this is our last week of the program for this school year. On April 3, the students will take the mandatory national college entrance exams. Last year, exams were in May so we are working hard to prepare these young people to be ready a month earlier than last year. Please pray for our students and teachers.

We need your help!

Can you consider making a generous donation today? It’s a busy springtime, and there is a lot going on. Our teachers need to receive their final payments for teaching in the after school program. We need to buy materials for brick-making and laying the foundation. General operating costs are always a need. Your donation is so much appreciated! If you wish, you can designate it for “Building Fund.” Gifts which are not designated automatically go into the General Fund. You can donate by clicking on the donate tab above, or by sending your check to: 


P.O. Box 1123

Carmel, IN 46082



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