Our Prayer for…..Cement! A Special Message from Sei & Yah

Good morning our praying friend in Christ!
Our Lord and King is Risen!
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve together to advance the Kingdom of God in all nations.   Yah and I are extremely blessed to have you on our team.  Your continuing generous financial support and prayer are vital on this journey.   Thank you!
1. CLTI Ground breaking  for the College Preparatory High School  is scheduled for SaturdayMay 26th.  We are engaging the community and leaders to make this a time of fund raising/materials raising from the Ganta community. Our dear friend, Mr. Jay Skinner from Indianapolis is planning to attend the ground breaking event.  Please pray for his preparation and safe arrival.
2.  MOST IMPORTANTLY–BRICK MOLDING.   April is our month of brick molding.   Our goal is to mold 15 thousand (6-inch) concrete bricks and 5 thousand (8-inch bricks) for the foundation.  We have gathered more sand, but lack cement to continue the molding of bricks.  There are only two more months to enjoy the warm weather.  Thereafter, the heavy rainy season will be upon us, from June through October.
Newly molded bricks
Would you please consider a generous gift for BRICK MOLDING todayYour $10.00. gift will purchase one bag of cement.  We need 935 bags of cement to mold the total bricks for foundation and walls raising.
To make a $10.00 gift or more to CLITI, please click on the button below OR you may mail your check to:
P.O. Box 1123
Carmel, IN 46082
Please, let me know if you have any questions.

A bag of cement

3. Saturday, March 31, was an exciting day, as a group of men, women and children followed to see where the Big Yellow Machine was going.  It came down the main road of Ganta, and turned in on the future site of the CLTI college preparatory high school.  Its purpose was to clear the path and create a new dirt road so that cars, delivery trucks, and construction vehicles can gain access to the property.  This road is the first step in construction, and will be a permanent feature of the campus, providing access for students, staff, and the community in the future.

The Big Yellow Machine did its work, and we now have road access to the property. I tested out the road with my car, and gave it my seal of approval! We praise and thank God for this road, and for our city of Ganta who provided the Big Yellow Machine for our use.
Thanks and God bless you for your gifts to impact lives in LIBERIA! 
Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,
Sei and Yah Buor

Excitement Grows as Interior Plans Arrive

New plans are always exciting!
Last week we received detailed interior plans from Engineering Ministries International, and we invite you to have a look.  The first building to be constructed will be the junior high/senior high classroom building at a cost of $300,000.  While this will be the junior/senior high chool by day, other functions are being planned for evenings and weekends.  Seasonally, this building will become the home for our after-school study program, Reaching for Academic Excellence.  We are also exploring the possibility of classes for adults who are past school age.  Community groups and churches will also be invited to use the space when students are not in the building. 
To see all of our interior drawings for the junior/senior high school building, click on the tab above the main toolbar, “Read About Our Building Project.”
Jr:SrLevel 1 East End

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