We’re Making Bricks!

Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your generous donations which are making a huge difference in Liberia!  
May brings to an end the hot summer, and June kicks in the rainy months through October.  This is a long stretch of the constant pouring of rain across the nation of Liberia.  But we have confidence that we will achieve our goal of making 10-15 thousand bricks.
We have made considerable progress on the brick molding.  We have made five thousand six inch bricks, about 50% of what we need in terms of six inch bricks.  
Today, we commenced molding eight inch bricks, especially required for the foundation work and for raising of external walls.  We need to mold five thousand eight inch bricks.
Your contribution has helped to purchase 200 bags of cement and allowed us to mold 5,000 six inch bricks!


Sei and Yah


CLTI Prepares for High School Groundbreaking
on May 26!

Our friend, Mr. Jay Skinner, will be traveling to Liberia on May 20 to attend the groundbreaking, and to network with national and community leaders.  Our thanks go out to Jay, and to all who have supported the mission of CLTI.  Please pray for Jay as he travels to Liberia.
A note from Jay:
“On May 21, the morning after I arrive in Liberia, Sei, Yah and I will be meeting at the United States Embassy in Monrovia to get acquainted with embassy officials, and introduce them to our high school project in Ganta.  The U.S. Ambassador shares a similar concern about the lack of educational opportunities for Liberian high school students.  We will be the guests of the embassy’s Public Affairs Officer, Paul Hinshaw, who has been with the embassy in Monrovia for 3 years.  We will meet in the embassy’s library and use their projection system to introduce our website and our project with a PowerPoint presentation to a large group of people. We expect people from the public affairs section and the ambassador’s office to attend, and also, people from a special area called USAID.  In addition to this great “get to know you” session, there are some grants available for which we will be applying.”


Groundbreaking is scheduled for Saturday, May 26 at 10:00 am local time.  There will be several speakers, special music, and we expect a number of city officials to attend in addition to many local residents. We look forward to sharing photos with you from this special day!


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