Groundbreaking Set for Tomorrow Morning!

Greetings from Liberia:

It’s been a busy week leading up to the groundbreaking event for the college preparatory high school tomorrow!   Friends are arriving, publicity is in place, and meetings and meals together with local dignitaries have begun.

Jay Skinner, our friend from Indianapolis, arrived safely on ​Sunday, May 20 and Yah and I picked him up from the airport.  The next day, we had a successful presentation of the high school project at the U.S. Embassy in Monrovia.  We were hosted by Mr. Paul Hinshaw, the Public Affairs Officer. The presentation was followed by a lengthy conversation, when we received a great deal of insight about how we can network, build friendships, and apply for small grants for specific projects.  We came out very excited believing that we had initiated good working relationship with the U. S. Embassy in Monrovia.

This week we are in full gear, and planning for the Saturday groundbreaking event.   On the property we have clear a large portion of the five acres, and have built a Liberia-style booth with palm thatch where our guests and we will assemble for the program.

​In the city, we have placed a large banner across the city center road with announcing the groundbreaking, and inviting people to attend.  On the main highway and on the property, we have installed two giant signs all showing the project and what is soon coming.

We had radio public announcements and interviews airing on two FM stations four times daily.  Almost everywhere we visit in the city, people tell us they have heard about the project, and are coming to the event on Saturday.

Last night we had a beautiful dinner with the Mayor of the city and his councilmen.  The Mayor gave a brief conversational speech, and was supported by his council as they welcomed Jay into the city.  The Mayor pledged to support the project whenever we call on him.

Please be in prayer for all those attending tomorrow’s event, and for a successful and joyful day.

Thanks for your prayers!

Sei & Yah

Meeting with U. S. Embassy officials in Monrovia:  L-R,  Yah Buor, James Massally, U. S. Embassy Education Advisor, Sei Buor, Paul Hinshaw, Public Affairs Officer.
Paul Hinshaw and Jay Skinner at the U.S. Embassy
Sei & Yah present copies of Sei’s books to the U. S. Embassy Library
Meeting with the Honorable Larry Younquoi, representative of District 7, Nimba County
Meeting with the Honorable Larry Younquoi, Representative of the 7th District, Nimba County.  L-R: Sei, Yah, Jay and Representative Younquoi
Photo of Gompa Mayor
Sei meets with the mayor of Ganta (center) and local business leaders for lunch.
A view of the Ganta city center with the CLTI banner announcing the May 26 groundbreaking
Building African-style booth
Preparing the property for the groundbreaking event.

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