After the Blast!

Dear Friends,

What’s next after the groundbreaking blast?

We resumed brick-making almost immediately after the groundbreaking.  Right after the big blast, our staff began calling and visiting those who had pledged bags of cements to the project.   When all the 200 bags of cement come in, we will be able to mold 4000 bricks. That will bring us to a total of 11,000, and we will be closer to our 15,000 goal.

The Big Yellow Machine cleared the land for the access road a few months ago.

The Yellow Machine: Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Dorr Cooper, the Superintendent of Nimba County, and appealed for a yellow machine to help prepare two acres of our land for the construction of the first building. He requested that I write a formal appeal letter, which I did.  Yesterday, Chestin, our project manager delivered the letter to his office, and now we are awaiting a final decision.

Finally, our friends in Colorado Springs are seriously working on the floor plan for the first building.   Please join us to thank convey thanks to Engineering Ministries International, and to pray these plan will arrive soon. 

We are always grateful to you, our praying friends.

Sei & Yah


Pastor Lombay and group-1
Our local friends are our strong support in time of needs.   Pastor Lombay and the youth group from his church- Gbloryee Inland Church in Gompa– came and asked to help with whatever task we had available.  The group brought their machetes and prepared their own food and brushed for almost an entire day.  Thanks to Pastor Lombay and this great group of young people for all their hard work!
Brick making-1
Brick-making continues!
Chestin parking bricks
Chestin stacking the bricks after they have dried.

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