The Arrival of the Big Yellow Machine!

Dear Friend of CLTI,

Did you start praying quickly upon receipt of our last post?  Exactly the next day, which could have been possibly the same day for most of you, we got a phone call.  We were still awaiting the official response from the Superintendent’s office about our request to get a yellow machine to level our land.  

The phone call was from the chief machine operator for Nimba County.  The voice said, “Is this Dr. Buor?”

I said, “Yes.”    

Yellow machine completes the grilling (1)
The work crew and Dr. Buor (top) along with some neighborhood children who came to watch the fun!

Then he said, “We have an authorization to do a major backfilling in the city, but I understand you need a machine.  Would you agree to have us take dirt from your property in exchange for clearing your area?”

I said, “Well, before I say anything, can we meet on the property and let me show you what we want done?”

He said, “Yes.”

In amount 20 minutes he showed up with five men.  We had a great discussion and came to an agreement.  In about two hours, a monster type yellow machine and a huge truck rolled in and began the work.  We located ourselves in a safe spot and watched with amazement as the powerful machine rolled back and forth, digging, leveling the land, and loading the truck for about four hours. By this time they were working almost out of our view, and we could only see the truck loading soil, and tall palm trees falling left and right, as they were being cut down and bundled up into the valley portion of our land.  

Unfortunately, we had to halt all work in the fifth hour, as we encountered a heavy downpour of rain. By that time, about 4 pm, we had to leave. 

Yesterday, about 8:00 am I got a call. The men were ready to get to work.  I quickly ran to the property, and the machine began the rolling back and forth again, ensuring that the leveling of the land was accurate.  In short, the work was complete and we were 

Yellow Machine at work-1
The beautiful land, cleared, leveled and ready for construction.

very satisfied.  What an incredible milestone accomplishment!   This hillside land area is very beautiful and ready for constructing a 21st-century college preparatory high school to prepare young Liberians to build their nation and the Church of Christ!

Friend, this is an answer to your prayer.  Thanks for praying with us, and may God bless you!

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Sei and Yah,

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