Liberia Update

“The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.”   (Proverb 16:1)

Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying, and praise God for answered prayer!

In the past three weeks we asked you to pray for funding, for completion of the construction plan, for successful surgery and healing of Louise ( our editor and social media coordinator) and for a yellow machine to grade the land in preparation for construction.

Your prayers were answered.  Louise had a successful surgery and healing is on the way, and today, we received the completed foundation plan. On funding, we made some progress, but we are still under funded.

Also, in the last two weeks, we have made significant progress preparing to begin the construction work:

  1. We have purchase 10 truckloads of sand.
  2. We have purchase 10 truckloads of crushed rocks for the foundation work
  3. We have constructed a warehouse for storing construction materials such as
    More sand hauling
    Truckload of sand being delivered to the construction site

    cement, steel rods and tools.  The warehouse doors will be installed by early next week.  The door on the left is for a security, and the door on the right is for the storing materials.

  4. We have begun the process of well-digging.

The next steps:

Please continue to pray that CLTI would find favor in the eyes of the foundations and partner churches from which we are requesting funding.

Please pray for our consultant engineer and contractor as they review the plans for better understanding prior to construction.

We plan to begin foundation digging in the next two weeks.

And please let’s pray that God’s Spirit would continue to work.

crushed rocks-2
One of ten loads of crushed rock delivered in preparation for pouring the foundation.


warehouse at almost completion
Our new warehouse for storing construction equipment and materials.

 For the love of Christ Jesus,

Sei and Yah

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