Pouring a Foundation for the Future!

It was an amazing day on September 1, when we began the casting of the foundation for the new college preparatory/vocational high school. With the support (rebar) columns in place, the construction crew began pouring the concrete to form the foundation of the junior/senior high school building.  We were delighted that the weather cooperated with us, and the job progressed well.  We are using a lot of cement, crushed rock, and sand—700 bags of cement, and 15 truckloads of crushed rock and sand to be exact! 

We plan to finish pouring the foundation on Thursday, Friday or Saturday (depending on weather conditions) and we plan to begin laying brick next Monday.

We cannot express fully how thrilling this day has been—to reach the point of pouring the foundation gives us great hope for the future for the education of young people in Liberia. We are grateful to God for his faithfulness, and to you for the support you give. 

Just a reminder of what each support column looks like from top to bottom.  Once these are buried in cement, we won’t see them again!
The truckloads of cement begin rolling in!
Some of the 700 bags of cement in our storage building waiting to be used.


Here you can see a section where the foundation has begun to be poured.


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