Dear Partner in the Gospel,

Have you hear the news? We are coming home to Indiana in less than a week.  We left Indiana on January 23rdloaded down with bags and belongings and launched into God’s kingdom work in Liberia.  It has been incredible 9 months. We are returning for three significant reasons. 

First, we need to raise a significant amount of moneyto continue constructing the college preparatory high school and cover ministry operational cost, including our national staff and missionary support. This is good work that God has started; He must bring it to completion!

The second reason is to see all of you face-to-face! We have longed to see you all! Soon we will see you and will speak to you on phone.  During these months, could you make room for us?  We would like to spend time, nights and weekends, with you, speak to your Bible study group, and share with your church. We would like to pray with you, encourage you to continue our partnership, and not to grow weary. Also, we will be glad to answer all your questions.

Thirdly, we need to recruit ministry partners.   Would you introduce us to your generous and compassionate friends?

Work in Progress:

Thank you for being such great encouragers.  Have you ever wondered how to build a huge building?  After all the paper work and architectural designs are complete, you begin laying the foundation. We began with foundation work in August, the height of our rainy season in Liberia. Our construction team has worked rain or shine, and made enormous progress. The digging has been completed, foundation casting is completed, and brick laying almost completed. The casting of all columns are underway.


However, the foundation work has yet to be finished. Two important tasks remaining are back filling, and slab laying which includes the casting of the entire foundation. This is the final stage before raising the walls!

Today, would you make your most generous gift so we can continue the beautiful work that you have started?

We are so thankful for your partnership in the Gospel, and the way you have contributed in prayer and giving. Please feel free to contact us via email while we are in the United States from October 20 through January 31st.  We are very pleased to be in the mission field in Liberia and to serve you, and able to disciple Liberian youth.

We have lots more photos to show you! Please enjoy the photos below, and consider how you can become a greater part of this ministry.

Sei and Yah

Entrepreneurship ladies fun photo-1
The ladies in the Entrepreneurship Program gathered at the home of Sei and Yah for a mid-year party.
Ladies gave gits to Yah (1)
The ladies in the Entrepreneurship Program give a gift to Yah with gratitude.
Gift for faithful loan payment-1 (1)
Yah gives a gift in recognition of faithful loan repayment.
Gift for faithful loan payment (1)
A gift for faithful loan repayment.
Mrs. Glee receives special gift for faithful loan payment (1)
Mrs. Glee receives a gift for faithful loan repayment.
Party time for disciplers (1)
Party time for our Discipleship Group
Jefferson sharing about his trip to Kenya and Ghana
Jefferson sharing about his trip to Kenya and Ghana.


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