Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise! Psalms 100:4

Dear Friend,

“HOW WAS THE DINNER?” many of you might be asking.   It was truly a celebration and a growth in partnership with 55 friends and family members.  There was a variety of delicious food: the famous West African “Jolof rice,” plantain, rice bread and cassava bread, just to name a few. We ate and ate, and still could not finish it all. It was an all-you-can-eat style, and all accompanied by great music from a gifted young man, Minister Charles Sleyon.

Thanks to Yah Buor and Jill Birch and their team of wonderful ladies for providing this delicious dinner!

His Special Grace

Mayor Andy and Barbara Cook from Westfield, Indiana joined us wholeheartedly for the evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed Mayor Cook’s down to earth, but profound message. 

Mayor Andy Cook & his wife Barbara with Sei and Yah
Sei and Yah Buor, Mayor & Mrs. Andy Cook

He started with the question, “How can we keep our young people out of trouble?” He told some great stories, but emphasized three virtues:  Faith, Family and Community.  It takes faith in Christ Jesus, and then the family and community working together.  In the case of Westfield, it took the collaborative work of faith-based organizations, the Mayor’s office and the community to resolve the issues the youth faced in Westfield.

Short Term Men’s Mission Trip to Liberia Coming in June 2019

In May 2018, Jay Skinner visited Liberia and helped to break ground for the new college preparatory high school.  Jay spent one week, had a first-hand experience, worked very hard, played keyboard in churches, and then returned to the States with a renewed passion and dedication to give generously and serve. Here is a link to his online journal about the trip: https://www.journohq.com/journo/gompa-liberia-may-2018-21858.  Currently, Jay is recruiting participants and setting up a men’s trip scheduled for June 8-17, 2019.  Please call Jay to learn more about our short-term mission trip. There is some general info on our web site: https://cltinternational.org/planning-a-mission-trip-to-liberia/.  It is time NOW to be making plans. You can reach Jay at (317) 922-7526  (cell) or at his email address: jbird123@aol.com.

Aviva and Lily and Janell
Aviva Snyder and Lily Buor enjoyed time visiting with Jannell

Secondly, we heard an inspiring story from a young lady, Aviva Snyder of Zeeland, Michigan.  Ms. Aviva’s passion is our aquaponics project, and she is planning a short-term mission trip to Liberia in 2019 as well. She desires to work with the aquaponic project team in Gompa.  Would you please join us to pray for this young lady for financial support and for wisdom.

Our last speaker was Mr. David Ketchum.  Mr. Ketchum is the President and founder of Mission Resource International.  He is also a primary partner with CLTI’s entrepreneurship program.  Dave challenged us to give generously.  He made his first visit to Accra, Ghana in 1987.  From this visit, he founded MRI, and for 15 years has supported small business development in Ghana.

Alvin Pennon, President of Liberia Association in Indiana chats with David Ketchum
David Ketchum chats with Alvin Pennon, President of a Liberian association in Indiana

Great announcement from Dr. Buor:  For friends who RSVP’d to join the dinner, but an event prevented you from coming, I would like to bring the dinner presentation to you and meet you face-to-face.  Please give me a call, and let’s schedule to meet for coffee at location near you.  I want to meet you, and give you the opportunity to become a partner with CLTI in advancing God’s kingdom in Liberia. Please call me on, 317-660-5719 or 317-712-6811 or send me an email.

Our Immediate Prayer Needs

Yah and I are on the road this Thanksgiving week to join our partner church in Holland, Michigan.  This year, Christ Memorial Church will give a portion of their Thanksgiving offering to CLTI toward the installation of the aquaponics project in Liberia.  This project, if completed, will allow us to grow fish and vegetables and provide a long-term sustainability support for the school and CLTI ministry in Liberia.

Secondly, we are heading to Iowa to celebrate and raise new partners in Muscatine, Iowa.  The schedule date is Saturday, December 1st, 1-4 PM.  We invite all friends in Iowa to join us in the City of Muscatine.  The address of our event is: 408 E. 2nd Street.  Muscatine, Iowa 52761.  Please RSVP to: Audra Diederichs, 563-571-0572 or Victoria Zarkpah, 443-563-0281.

Please pray for safe travels.

Sei and Yah

P.S.  Enjoy more photos below!

Dr. Sei Buor
President, Christian Leadership Training International (CLTI)


Mark clti board member chats with Bill Ellison
Bill Ellison and Mark Oehler visit over dinner.  Mark is a member of the CLTI Board of Directors.
Addison, 10 first timer with a Daddy Brad Elliott
Addison, age 10, with her dad.  This was Addison’s first time at a CLTI dinner.
chatting time
Chatting time
Tonzia MC the event- fantastic
Tonzia Buor did a fantastic  job as our MC for the evening.
Yah and LuAnn enjoying early hours
Yah with LuAnn Boots.  LuAnn is one of our CLTI volunteers.

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