Bringing the Year to a Close and Looking Forward to 2019

We hope you are thinking about year-end giving to your favorite charities and we hope CLTI is on that list!  With very low administrative costs, you will see your money go to work in a very quick and tangible way.  We recently received a wonderful grant that will pay for the materials for our aquaponics project.  This is a farming project that will provide an income to CLTI for years to come, but we now need the financing to pay labor costs to construct the farming system. These labor costs will be $12,500 for this project.  Want to know more about aquaponics?  Click here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 8.51.24 AM
The aquaponics farming system planned for CLTI


We also are continuing to work on building our college preparatory high school, and every dollar put toward this project will bring us closer to opening a premier place of learning for the kids of Liberia.  Our foundation is in, but we are in need of funds for cement and rebar to build the walls (concrete blocks have already been made.)  Click here for more information about our building project.

We are currently completing the back-filling of the foundation.

Can you help fund these two projects?  Your generous gift will be so much appreciated!  You can donate by clicking the “Donate” tab above. 

Thank you, Happy New Year, and God bless you!

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