A Unique Opportunity Has Come Our Way!

We have two new videos posted to YouTube!  Click here to view our high school construction video, and click here to view our aquaponics video.

Significant Training Opportunity–Your prayer is most needed.

Dear Friends in Christ,

Our time in the States has been filled with family, friends, visits to churches that we have known for a long time, and some churches that are new to us.  Each visit, each encounter, has been a blessing for us.  God is good!

We were expecting to tell you that we would be traveling back to Liberia on February 28.  Now an exciting opportunity has come up which has caused us to delay our journey by about three weeks.

A year ago, the architects and engineers from Engineering Ministries International designed an aquaponic farming project to provide a sustainable income for the high school when operations begin.  This small farming system is located on the part of our property where there is a large ravine that is unsuitable for building, but which is a good location for setting up an aquaponic farm.  When up and running, this project will fulfill three objectives:

  1.  It will provide our community in Gompa with a source of fresh fish and vegetables at a fair price.  Currently 90% of protein and produce are imported from Guinea and China, making prices higher than they should be.
  2. This farming project will serve as a role model for individuals and other communities to learn about the benefits of aquaponic farming.
  3. This project will provide a recurrent income to CLTI once it yields the first harvest of fish and produce.

Sei and Richard Rath (our aquaponic designer) will attend a 3-day aquaponic Master Class in aquaponic farming skills, offered by Nelson-Page in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point from March 14-16.

The Master Class is a comprehensive course that covers day-to-day management, growing techniques, water quality, fish biology, and plant care.  This is the kind of knowledge we need to do effective farming from the first day!

So we (Richard and Sei) will be heading to Wisconsin on March 13 to attend the class.  We are very excited!

God is blessing us in abundance with this opportunity!  We look forward to letting you know how it goes, and updating you on our travel plans in March.  

In the meantime, look below to see recent photos of the progress on our high school construction, and meet some of the friends we have been visiting with as our time in the Staes draws to a close.

We pray for you, as we hope you will pray for us.

Sei and Yah



IMG_3113 (1)
Meeting new friends in the Denver area at the home of Richard Rath
At the home of Dave and Louise Jaeschke (center), with Beth Petersen, Administrative Assistant at Northwest Covenant Church (left), and Yah (right).

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