Watch our New Video!

As time is growing closer for Sei and Yah to return to Liberia, they are busy tying up loose ends here in the States.  Also, Sei is preparing to go to Wisconsin on the 13th of this month to attend a 3-day master class in aquaponic farming along with Rich Rath, our aquaponic designer.  This class will prepare Sei to effectively manage the aquaponic farm as soon as it is set up, and also teach others how to be aquaponic farmers.  This is a project that will start to bring income to the school with the first harvest of fish and vegetables.  We are so excited about this project!

In the meantime, please have a look at our new video.  Some of the material will be familiar, but there is lots of new content, and we hope that after watching, you will be inspired to make a donation to Christian Leadership Training International so we can continue the work that has been started.  Every shovel full of dirt that has been moved, every brick that has been laid, every batch of concrete mixed, has been accomplished because someone made a donation.  You can become part of this exciting story.  Please help us keep the construction going.

Below the video, you will find a few new photos that just came in the other day to update us all on the progress of the construction of the new college preparatory high school.  

God bless you, and thank you for your support of CLTI.

CLTI Staff





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