First Report from Liberia

Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for your prayers, encouraging emails or texts, and unimaginable generous financial support.   Thank you for allowing you and your family to be used by God to be launched into His missions in Liberia.

On March 24th we departed from Indianapolis, and arrived safely with all of our stuff in Monrovia on March 25.  We spend four days in Monrovia and took care our car’s registration and insurance.

On Friday, March 29, Yah and I arrived in Gompa, and have settled in very well.  Our Liberian team and many friends were already awaiting us at our house to welcome us home. They brought food and told stories about the work, the challenges, and the fun they have had. They told stories about their families and community politics.  We hugged, laughed, talked and had fun until midnight. It is just an incredible blessing from the Lord to have people love us.  

The next day, we had a brief meeting with our staff and construction team, reviewed the work and jumped right in.  As always, this time of the year, the scourging heat is relentless, but our team is unstoppable.  

From April 1 through the 15, we have worked extremely hard and achieved the following: the foundation preparation is nearly ready, and we expect that to be finished by Wednesday this week.   

Also this week, we plan to hire 38 workers: 8 skillful concrete masons and 30 helpers for the casting the foundation, which is expected to be completed in ten days.

Thank you for your prayer and generous financial support. Your current financial gifts will allow us to purchase 3,000 bags of cement  (50 kg each bag). This means, we are only 1,000 bags short of reaching our goal of the 4,000 bags of cement estimated by the engineer to complete the entire casting of the 16,900 square foot foundation.  We are now awaiting the arrival of cement from Monrovia by trucks in order to get the casting done.  Thank YOU!

Yah and I and our team are praying for you and your family as you celebrate and worship our Lord and Savior this Easter weekend!

Enjoy the photos below!

Sei and Yah

Sei and Yah-March 2019.jpg-2
Sei & Yah under the mango tree.
Patrick Nunkpah.jpg-1
Patrick Nunkpah, a CLTI’s sponsored student at United Methodist University.  He is a biology major in his third year, and his dream is to become a medical doctor.    He came over to visit us, and YOU paid his school fee, and and we sent him off with our prayer as he returns to Monrovia this weekend.
Discipleship New group-2019.jpg-1
The first discipleship group we visited when we arrived. The group meets every Wednesday  in one of the communities we serve ( Valley community).  The group is led by our team leader, Jefferson Polay far in the back.
David Sei and Yah.jpg-1
David Lankah from Warrenville, IL.  with Sei and Yah.  David and his wife Cecelia have lived in the US since 1995.    He is retired, and he and his wife are visiting Liberia for six months.   He decided to come serve as a short term volunteer with CLTI in Gompa.   David is 75, but strong and willing to serve in any role assigned to him.
compacting the soil
Compacting the soil in preparation for pouring the foundation.


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