Our Foundation is Complete!

Click HERE if you would like to view a birds-eye

fly-thru video of our high school building.


Dear Partner,

We are continually blown away by God’s faithfulness through your partnership with Christian Leadership Training International.   

You have made it!  Thank YOU, our partner!   I am excited to announce that on April 18, a team of 51 young men and women began the foundation casting, and in 11 days 100% of the 16,900 square foot foundation was completed!

foundation casting at night
Once we started casting, we didn’t stop just because it got dark.  Here you see us during our nighttime casting.

From all of us at CLTI, we extend an especially big thank you to YOU, our donor!  Great is His faithfulness indeed!

What’s next?  Now that the foundation is behind us, we will get right work to raising the ground floor on Monday, May 6. We have hired 8 bricklayers and several support workers for this task. Currently, 10,000 bricks are waiting on the ground, and we have purchased 350 bags of cement for this portion of the construction.

However, there are some indispensable steel rods (rebar) still needed. We need 900 pieces of rebar at $12.00 per piece.  The steel bars are required to reinforce the walls and insure that it’s firm and safe, and can accommodate our projected 1,500 students and staff.

Friend, today, would you consider making a $12.00 donation, or more, to allow us purchase these needed materials in time?  The work begins on Monday, May 6th, and the plan is to complete it in about five weeks.

Our dedicated construction crew

Using data from the World Bank,  24/7 Wall Street recently ranked the 25 poorest countries.  Liberia was ranked as the poorest country in the world.  You can read the article by clicking HERE.

16,000 square feet of casting completed!

Won’t you help us turn that around? We believe that faith-based education is the key.  You can make a quick gift online by clicking on the “Donate” tab above, or send your gift to CLTI, P.O. Box 1123, Carmel, IN 46082.

Thank you so much for your partnership us to fulfill God’s kingdom work in Liberia.

Sei and Yah,

Christian Leadership Training International

P. S.  Our staff has just updated our website to help you stay connected and informed about our ministry.   Please visit us our pages and take a look! 

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