We Have Walls!

Dear Friends of CLTI,

“….. because of our God’s faithful love, we do not perish.  For His mercies never end; they are renewed every morning; great is His faithfulness.” (Lamentations 3: 22-23) 

And GREAT is your faithfulness!

On May 6th, 34 construction crew members, helpers and support staff  assembled and began raising the ground floor walls of our “coming soon” college preparatory high school.

Yah stands in the high school hallway as the construction progresses.

First the support workers laid 10 thousand 8- and 6-inch bricks and elevated both the interior and external walls to a height of ten course levels of bricks.

Second, two electricians and their helpers installed more than 400 PVC pipes and cups into all the walls.  Then two steel benders and their helpers installed 144 pillars into the walls. Five carpenters came in and built forms around the steel rods and they were all cast with concrete.  In three weeks, the team constructed the walls to 10 levels of bricks!

Fourteen course levels of brick are required for institutional buildings. In the next 12 days or less, we expect to reach the goal–the 14thcourse level of bricks!

Ten levels of bricks!

So in 12 days, the ground floor walls will be completed.  However, completion requires a final slab on top of the brick walls.  This is the final slab to allow the construction of the second and final floor elevation.

New!  The first tilapia fish pond is ready. The pond is 72 by 35 feet. Our local team is competent and extremely hard working, and combine with your faithful generosity and prayer, there is no limit to what God will do in Liberia.

Construction workers building the first fish pond.

The first batch of tilapia (fingerlings) will be ordered tomorrow evening.  Our first fish harvest is projected within six months.  This means, we could harvest our first tilapia by January or February. 

The second pond is already under construction 75 by 37 feet, and coming soon!

Short -term Mission Partners’ Visit

June 9, our volunteer networking coordinator, Jay Skinner will be arriving in Liberia on June 9, and will stay through June 16.  About 10 years ago, Jay and I and a group of men held a Friday morning (6:30 am) Bible study at Grace Church in Noblesville, IN. He is passionate and a faithful servant of God.  


June 16, Tonzia Linda Buor our youngest daughter among five children will be

Jay Skinner

arriving in Liberia from June 16 through July 3rd.  Tonzia is CLTI’s chief communication coordinator and a board member.  Tonzia was

Tonzia Buor

only four years old when our family left Liberia, and is now returning after 30 years. Her first plan is to get her hands and feet dirty at the construction task.  Yah and I plan to take her to our villages, take her to where I had my elementary school, and experienced “Sei’s famous 10 mile walk to school.”

Urgent prayer for Liberia.  A group of opposition leaders plans to stage a nationwide protest beginning the June 7th.   Please join us to pray for peace for Liberia.

Friends, thank you and God bless,

Sei and Yah

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