Our Progress and Our Need!

Dear Friends. 

As of June 22, we have completed the first-floor construction (16,900 square feet) of the college preparatory high school in Gompa, Liberia. On Monday morning June 24, the team of carpenters, steel workers and brick layers began their work as we started the construction of the second floor.  We are grateful to God for the progress we have made!

However, we are totally out of cement and steel rods (rebar) and the work has slowed down considerably. Furthermore, we are less than two weeks away from the heavy rainy season (end of July to September) and all the wood forms for the second-floor concrete slab are at risk of deterioration.  The severe rainfall will lead to serious setback to all that we have already completed. We urgently need 2, 500 bags of cement to complete the second-floor concrete slab, and 3,000 steel rods (rebar) are needed for weight bearing beams and reinforcing of the walls.

Here is what your donation will provide:  $100.00 will provide 10 bags of cement. $250.00 will provide 25 bags of cement.  $150.00 will purchase 10 steel bars, and $300.00 will provide 20 steel bars.

I am writing to you today to request a one-time generous gift.  Our ability to purchase the 2,500 bags of cement and 3,000 steel bars will be greatly helped by your generous support. You can help us purchase these materials by sending an urgently needed contribution to CLTI today.

You can donate by going to www.cltinternational.org and clicking on the “Donate” tab.   From there, you will see the link donate.  Or, you can send a check to CLTI, P.O. Box 1123, Carmel, IN 46082.

We have a short new video below to help you see where we are in the process.  Please help us keep this project moving and on track for a September 2020 school opening.  


Sei and Yah

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