Second-floor in Progress!


Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever.

Psalm 118: 1


Dear Friends,

Today we give thanks to the friends who responded to our need for bags of cement, and because of you, we were able to complete pouring (casting) of the first section of concrete for the second story slab.  Our gratitude to you is unmeasurable!

We have divided the pouring of the second-floor slab into three sections.  The first section is now complete. We have been working on the framing the next section, and we will be ready to pour section number two next week.

Concrete is mixed on the ground then hauled up to the second floor in a large container.

The old saying “many hands make light work” comes to mind.  We earnestly need YOU to join with us to bring this school building to life with middle schoolers and high schoolers who are eager to learn and live for the future of Liberia.  They need to mature and grow spiritually in a faith-based learning atmosphere in order to lead Liberia to a strong and steady future.  




second phase 2nd floor slab 2
One third of the second floor slab has been completed.
second phase 2nd floor slab 1
We are nearly finished with the framing for section number two.

Can you help?  One bag of cement costs $10. Could you give one or more bags of cement?  And if the Lord has blessed you in abundance, please consider what you could give to this construction project.  Your donation is so much appreciated!

Donating is easy.  You can click on the “Donate” tab on our website, or send your check to CLTI, P.O. Box 1123, Carmel, IN 46082.

Thank you!

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