Planting the “Living Tree”

September 18,2019

Dear Partner,

Greetings from the beautiful city of Gompa, Liberia.  The heavy rainy season is almost over.  October often ends the rain, and ushers in the beginning of our long awaited dry season, which runs from October through June.  October also ushers in the beginning of rice harvest for local rice growers.

You have made it again!  I am honored to report that God has provided through His people (YOU) and CLTI has finished the second phase concrete casting of the second floor.

What an amazing testament to God’s faithfulness!

cement mixer being set up sept 12 2019.jpg
Setting up the cement mixer in preparation for pouring phase 2 of the second floor slab.

Thank you! Literally every gift mattered.  It was a story of loaves and fish released and blessed in a way that only God would get the glory. 

We prayed and asked, God again showed His goodness by moving a CLTI long standing friend to offer an amazing gift that brought us into the edge of purchasing seven hundred bags of cement needed to complete the second phase casting, and a faithful local vendor sold us, on credit, the remaining 650 pieces of half inch steel rods (rebar).

We are nearer to reaching our goal, but not yet finished.  The third and final phase begins this week.  The carpentry team commences the form building this week, to be followed by the steel and electrical teams.  We are now building the forms, and this time, we face a “Red Sea Moment,” and we are trusting God to provide $30,000 to finish the entire second floor casting. Late August, we couldn’t see, outside of God’s provision, how we could accomplish the second phase casting. As we neared September, we continued to seek God’s guidance and asked all of you to give as generously as you could—and you did. But even with that effort, it seemed as though we would come short, but our God changed the story.

section 2 second floor slab starting 9 12-19.jpg
Section 2 of the second floor slab ready to be poured.


second floor section 2 slab pouring 9-12-19.jpg


This September, the stakes are just as high, and I am writing to repeat my appeal to you! But as is often the case, we currently do not see our way out.  This month, our Treasurer informed me that our account is at its lowest. Literally, we have only $400 in our account.

So, my dear partner in Christ, would you consider a generous gift in the amount of $500, $1000 or $5000? Your generous donation will immediately help to complete the final phase of the floor casting, and raise the final walls of the high school. This is the final task before we embark on roofing.

Friend, CLTI’S vision is exciting and amazing!  Our vision is like a small tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit, and soon, gives lives to thousands of the bright and best underprivileged young Liberians—boys and girls who will change the nation of Liberia.

Just completed second phase second floor pouring Sept 14,2019.jpg
Casting is complete on the second phase!
The construction crew celebrates completion of the casting.

What a blessing and what an amazing God we serve! Yah and I, and all of us at CLTI are honored and humbled to be a part of this vision along with you to preserve Liberia for future generations and for Christ Jesus.  CLTI is an important part of that vision. Please continue to pray for us as we focus on raising up young leaders who are equipped to lead with humility and integrity, who will be prepared through rigorous  Christian education to compete with the very best, and most of all have hearts and mind formed by a biblical worldview.

That is what we do here at CLTI with your prayers and financial support.

I pray that you and your family are enjoying some late summer fun time before the hectic fall schedules begin. May you sense God’s peace and joy in your lives as you serve Him.  Great days are ahead!

Would you join me in planting the “Living Tree” today?   As this message is before you, would you please send a generous donation to CLTI, and mail to P.O. Box 1123, Carmel, IN 46082.  OR go to our CLTI website, and make a quick and secure donation at When you do this, we will get right to work!

Your partners in Christ’s Kingdom work,

Sei and Yah

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