Second Floor Concrete Casting is 100% Complete!

Dear Partner in Christ,

Greetings from the beautiful city of Gompa, Liberia!  

I am extremely excited to report that God has provided through YOU, and 100 percent of the second-floor concrete casting is complete!

Thank you from the very depth of our heart!  

Early in October, we prayed and asked; God showed His goodness by moving YOU to offer your generous gifts that purchased 760 bags of cement, 850 steel rods (rebar), 45 truckloads of sand, 25 truckloads of crushed rocks, and thousands of pieces of wood.



The third and final section of the second floor ready for concrete.

Upon receipt of your generous donations, we gathered our construction teams: carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers and all of us at CLTI’S office.  And, on this Friday, October 25th, we hired additional 64 daily workers, and cast the floor in 5 days.

Now 100 percent of the 16,900 square feet second floor casting is complete!

Great is God’s faithfulness!  THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!

midnight casting
Once you start pouring concrete, it needs to be a continuous project until the job is completed.  We finishes pouring the concrete for the last section of the second floor at about midnight.

Next Step:  We are moving right into brick-making to raise the walls. Yes, we make our own bricks, one by one!  950 bags of cement are needed to make 15,000 six- and eight-inch bricks. This phase will take us right into roofing the building. $10.00 will purchase one bag of cement, $50 will purchase 5 bags and $100 will purchase 10 bags.

Friend, CLTI’s vision is exciting and amazing!  Our vision is like a small tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit, and soon, gives life to thousands of the best and brightest underprivileged young Liberians- boys and girls who will change the nation of Liberia.

Would you please pray and consider a donation for the timely construction of the college preparatory high school?  You are raising up young leaders who are equipped to lead with humility and integrity, who will be prepared through rigorous Christian education to compete with the very best, and most of all have hearts and mind formed by a biblical worldview.

That is what we do here at CLTI with your prayers and financial support.

Would you join me today through your partnership, prayer and generosity! Please consider a generous gift of any amount to CLTI. Mail your gift to CLTI.  P.O. BOX 1123. CARMEL, 46082.  Or, you can donate by clicking on the “Donate” tab above. Your donation will be safe and secure.  

Your partners in Christ’s Kingdom work,

Sei and Yah Buor,

President, Christian Leadership Training International


A delivery of cement
Our warehouse manager
Our warehouse manager

Old Friends and a New Staff Member

We were delighted to welcome our old friends, Russ and Ruth Schwartz from Carmel, Indiana.  We were happy to share lunch with them at our home, and to have dessert under the shade of the new college preparatory high school building.

Lunch and dessert with Ruth and Russ
Pricilla Tuah

We also would like to welcome our newest employee, Pricilla Tuah.  Pricilla was raised in a Christian home.  Her parents worked full-time in ministry until her father was unexpectedly called home after a brief and sudden illness during the Liberian civil war.  After that, Pricilla was given the gift of care and education at the Good Samaritan Christian School.  

Pricilla spent 4 weeks of internship with our Entrepreneurship Program last summer, and is now ready to begin working with women entrepreneurs in the suburbs of Monrovia.  This will be a wonderful expansion of our Entrepreneurship Program.  

Pricilla is a graduate of ABC University and majored in Biblical Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship.  Welcome Pricilla!

Fishpond Number 5

Wheat dust to be mixed with palm oil food for tilapia and catfish
When this wheat dust is mixed with palm oil, it becomes food for the catfish and tilapia.

We are in the process of digging fish pond number 5.  This is the largest of the fishponds so far, this one measuring 150 feet by 39 feet.  The natural terrain made this large fishpond practical.  Several of our fishponds are already up running and have baby fish (catfish and tilapia) growing.  We expect to have all ten fishponds complete by spring 2020.

These fish ponds, and the fruit and vegetable trees that surround them are so vitally important to the self-sustainability of the college preparatory high school.  And it’s exciting to watch the fish as they grow knowing that they will provide nutrition to the Gompa community at a fair price, and also support our ministry.

We are expecting that our first pond of fish will be fully grown in about 5 months time.




new pond 150 by 37
Fishpond number 5





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