A Message for You

Dear Partner in Christ,

This special time of the year gives us a unique opportunity to ask for your generous tax-deductible gift to support Christian Leadership Training International Ministry in Liberia!  We hope that when you read about our three little friends, you will realize how very important your gift is.       

The date is Saturday, October 26th.  We are in the intense heat of casting concrete on the second floor of the school in Gompa, Liberia. The three little boys (Samuel age 10, Michael age 6, and Joshua, 4) entered the construction site. I immediately assumed they were hungry and needed food or money. But absolutely not! They came for neither food nor money. They came on a mission. They walked up to me with a serious question, “When will the school open?”

L-R. Samuel, Michael, Joshua

“We want to come to the school; we are not in school.”  I immediately saw theseriousness in their faces.  “Gentlemen, when God provides the funds to finish the building, the school will open.  We hope it will be open in September.”   They all shouted and got very excited. Joshua stepped forward. “Dr. Buor you are my best friend.”  He held my hand as we walked around the site.

I became curious about our visitors and the next day, I inquired about the boys. I learned that the boys had lost their mother a few years back when she went to give birth to little Joshua in this photo   Barely a year after the death of their mother, their father was stricken down with a stroke.  The stroke paralyzed one side of his body leaving him with no job and little means to care for the seven children left. Four of the children are in the care of good Samaritans.  These three, Joshua, Samuel and Michael live with their sick father, and are fed and provided minimal care by good Samaritans in the community but have been unable to enroll in school. Now, as we anticipate the opening of the CLTI college preparatory high school, the boys’ hope is renewed.   Why should these three little boys be excited when they are not yet of age to attend high school?

With almost 34,000 square feet total within the building (each floor is 16,900 square feet), we have enough space to immediately devote three of our largest classrooms to the needs of elementary school children.  This means that as soon as we open, we can begin teaching little ones, ages 5 through 11, to prepare them for entrance into middle school and high school.  What a blessing!  We want Samuel, Michael and Joshua to be among the first to attend at the grade school level.

Brick-making has begun again.

So, when will the school open? 

In October, we crossed our “Red Sea” moment! YOUR generous gift completed 100 percent casting of the second-floor slab! You are our real hero in this crossing.

Now our goal is to reach the roof level. We are making our own bricks to raise the walls, and are excited to reach the roof level by December 15th, 2019. Your special year-end gift will get Joshua and his two brothers, and hundreds of others like them hope to find Jesus Christ, and get a quality education built on a solid biblical foundation.  Our goal is to open the school by September 20, 2020. Our construction team is ready, but your gift is needed!

Your year-end gift will purchase the following roofing materials:

  1. 90 bundles of metal roofing material ($150 each bundle)
  2. 2,500 pieces of timber for roof trusses ($5.00 per piece)
  3. 85 cartons of nails ($45.00 each carton of nails)
  4. 1500 bags of cement for exterior stucco and interior plastering ($10.00 each bag)

Additionally, we need the following:

$3,500 monthly to cover our missionary support and Liberian staff’s salary

Student Sponsorship There are 3 college students who need financial assistance.

  • Patrick Nurkpah is a senior, and biology major at United Methodist University in Monrovia, Liberia. Patrick plans to go to medical school and serve his nation as a medical doctor.  ($1,500 pays Patrick’s whole year tuition, transportation and supplies)
  • Jefferson Poly is a freshman Pastoral theology student at ABC University. Jefferson currently serves as our interim national coordinator for the discipleship program ($2,500 pays for one whole year of tuition, boarding, transportation and books).
  • Amelia Kpoblie is a first year student in financial management at Liberia International Christian College. Amelia is serving as our interim administrator and directress of entrepreneurship ($1,000 pays for one whole year’s tuition and fees).

Partner, CLTI’s vision is exciting and amazing!  Our vision is like a small tree planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit, and soon, gives life to thousands of the best and brightest underprivileged young Liberians—boys and girls who will change the nation of Liberia. You are raising up young leaders who are equipped to lead with humility and integrity, who will be prepared through rigorous Christian education to compete with the very best, and most of all have hearts and minds formed by a biblical worldview.

Would you join me today through your partnership, prayer and generosity! Please consider a generous gift of any amount to CLTI. Mail your gift to CLTI.  P.O. BOX 1123. CARMEL, IN 46082, or, click on the “Donate” tab above.  We are a 501 (c)3 and your gift is fully tax deductable.

Your partners in Christ’s Kingdom work,

Sei and Yah Buor,

President, Christian Leadership Training International

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