Reaching for the Rooftop!

Dear Partner,

Greetings from Gompa, Liberia!


Your generous financial support and prayers are helping to construct a college preparatory high school in the city of Gompa, Liberia.  You are opening the door to thousands of underprivileged youth who desperately seek Bible based education.  Beginning September 20, 2020 the school will disciple more young people in leadership opportunities.Front view of second floor

February is drawing closer to its end, and we have made remarkable progress on the construction raising the walls of the second floor. This is only possible because of your diligent prayers and generous financial support.

As seen in the photos, we are at the level of the top of the windows, and will soon be casting the lintels. That means we are ten layers of brick above the floor. Today, Monday, the carpenters will begin form work and lintel casting, and plan to complete the task within two weeks.  This is good news!  Thereafter, we will be only three layers of brick away from reaching the level of the roof.  Thank you!  Thank you!


Our first tilapia harvest is scheduled for April. We are anticipating selling more than 300 tilapia fish to the local communities around us. This could be followed by catfish harvest by the end of April or early May. We plan to harvest 5 fish ponds in 2020 alone!

First Tilapia pond ready for harvest in April 2020
Fish Pond #1 will be ready for harvest in just a few weeks.


Currently we are serving 30 clients in Gompa City and 15 clients in our new office in Monrovia.  We serve mainly vulnerable women, supporting them by teaching important skills and giving small business loans.  This enables them feed their families and send their children to school.

Would you please consider partnering with a potential business lady with a onetime gift of $300.00 or more? Our Monrovia office has five potential business women standing by for loans.

Elizabeth Daniel
Elizabeth is one of our Entrepreneurship Program participants.  She has opened a successful textile kiosk and sells beautiful fabrics and dressmaking supplies.


Next Thursday, our longtime friend, Mr. David Ketchum from Columbus, Indiana is visiting us.  David is the founder and president of Mission Resource International, which is our primary partner in the Entrepreneurship Program at CLTI. Yah and I will leave for Monrovia on Tuesday to pick up David, and Emmanuel, a Ghanaian partner, from the Robert International Airport.   Please pray for their safe arrival!

In April, we are expecting Mr. Kevin Callaway from Santa Barbara, California to visit us in Gompa, Liberia.  Kevin plans to see firsthand the scope of the work, and how he could be involved with us.  Currently Kevin is working very hard, gathering classroom furniture, computers, and materials for science labs for the school to be shipped to Liberia in the near future.  Please keep Kevin in your prayer.  Kevin is a member of Santa Barbara Community Church, a strong partner in developing the College Preparatory High School.

Sei & Yah Buor

President, Christian Leadership Training International


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