Faithfulness in the Midst of Trial

HE invites us to Trust Him; to do Good; and Feed on His faithfulness.”

(Psalm 37:3-7)

Dear Partner,

Yah and I are praying for you and want to encourage you to lead with courage, strength and love heading into the Easter weekend.

A few weeks ago, Liberia’s fear of the Coronavirus became real! The initial three confirmed cases have increased to six cases with one death. Unfortunately, we are aware of the lack of testing kits and PPE available so this number may drastically change.

CLTI Ministry Update

We have received some questions from friends and partners about the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on our ministry in Liberia. The impact is significant! Schools remain closed, travel is restricted within the nation, and there are minimal to no international flights coming into the country. Gatherings of 10 or more people are not allowed causing churches to close. An economy that is chronically crippled, and dependent on local businesses in a market setting is seeing the prices of staple food and gasoline continue to climb.

I had the opportunity to speak with a local hospital administrator who stated there were no hospitals in Nimba County equipped with testing kits and essential supplies such as masks or gloves.

The good news is, all is calm, and all is peaceful! However, we have chosen to move forward with canceling our discipleship group meetings (80 or more participants every Sunday in our home) as well as having limited the construction workers to only essential members.

Laying final three courses before roofing -4-3-2020
Third row of bricks above the lintell being laid.  We will soon be ready for the roof!

Our work team has been greatly reduced!  But, YOUR ongoing radical generosity in this crisis has not stopped the construction of the college preparatory high school in Liberia! Three carpenters are continuing the form work while four strong young men are moving forward with the lintel casting. The casting is almost at completion–possibly in the coming week.

Jonah Afriyie: Construction Engineer

Jonah is my Ghanaian son, and our construction engineer in Liberia.  His role is to interpret the blue prints of our building and give direction to all the construction teams. He has been a faithful partner to CLTI and to Yah and me for over 5 years.  Jonah’s faithfulness goes beyond his role on a consistent basis.

Last Monday, Jonah asked to meet with me.  First, I was reluctant, trying to hold up the law of “social distancing.”  Later, I agreed if we would sit six feet apart.  So, he came in for the meeting.  He started, “Dr. Buor, this work is not for you alone. It is for all of us.

second floor lintel casting heading to the end-4-03-2020
Jonah pouring concrete for the lintel.

Although this is not my regular role, we do not have brick layers now, and I want to lay the remaining three rows of bricks on the school building.” On Monday, March 30th, Jonah, along with two helpers began laying the bricks, and in three days they completed the library portion. When the three rows are completed, we will be ready for roofing!  We have the goal of starting the roofing work in the first week of May. Please keep that in your prayer!

Across the nation, Liberian Christians are engaged in trust in their faithful God, and praying for protection, and healing! This past Sunday, Yah, Josephus (a young man living with us) and I, held our Sunday worship in my office. How does God expect us to react?

Here is what we heard, and are excited to share with you:

“Trust in the Lord and do Good; dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness,” (Psalm 37:3).

When we trust in the Lord, we commit our lives into his hands and consciously “feed on” or live on His faithfulness.  In this trouble times, this is our invitation to live each moment of our life in God’s presence and lean on Him to help us with the decision and challenges that we face each day.  If we make that commitment, He will bless our life and give us the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Thankfully, we follow our God who invites us to trust Him, to do good and live on His faithfulness. He will see us through all these uncertainties!

Thank you so much for your continuing faithful partnership with CLTI. Your generosity and your prayers make our ministry to the vulnerable in Liberia possible.

Consider a generous GIFT to CLTI as we continue our work to serve vulnerable Liberian generations of new leaders!   Visit our “Donate” page using the tab above, and make a donation today!

You are making a huge difference!

Sei and Yah,


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