Project 90/150: Raising the Roof!

We’re Raising the Roof!

Yes, sadly, the Coronavirus has hit in Liberia, too, and you might wonder why we are working so hard to complete this building.  You might wonder why we have not put this project on hold.  While maintaining social distance, we have had a small number of workers on the job site working hard to get to the point of roof installation.

Young children visit the site almost daily to see “their school.”

As of Friday, April 24, we are ready to begin roofing! 

This roof will bring us one step closer to educating the children and teens of Liberia so one day we will not have to say that we have only one doctor for every 25,000 people in the country.  We will not have to say that if you get Covid-19, or Ebola, or AIDS, or cancer there are no medical resources available unless you live in the capital city.  We will not have to say that there will be no nurses to care for you.  And we will not have to say that if you get one of these deadly diseases, your chance of survival is much lower than in western cultures.

The second floor hallways, ready for roofing.

We have to keep moving forward, and we need your help.

We need 90 bundles of good quality, corrugated metal roofing sheets.   Each bundle costs $150.00. 

So—Project 90/150 has begun!

We know that the United States is in crisis.  We have heard about the 30 million people who have lost their jobs, the long lines for food distribution for those laid off, and the difficult circumstances of economic downturn.  We know that you are all working hard to help relieve the distress in the United States, while still battling Covid-19.  And we know that the development of a vaccine that will lead to worldwide immunization is in the hands of our friends in western cultures, most notably the United States.  We pray for you and the whole world every day of this crisis!

Form work-2
Form work for the roof is up.

But if you have the means, or if you could join together with family members or friends to donate $150 for a bundle of roofing, your donation will bring so much to the people of Liberia. 

It will bring future nurses, future doctors, and other health care professionals to Liberia, which is so sorely lacking in medical care.  It is so much more than simply a roof over the heads of students and teachers.  It is hope for the future. 

Ninety donations.  One hundred fifty dollars.  Project 90/150.

We need people to donate who have never donated before.  We need a whole bundle, or half a bundle, from everyone who can manage to do so.  PLEASE be the one to make the difference. 

You can donate by clicking on the “Donate” tab above, or you can mail a check to:


P. O. Box 1123

Carmel, IN. 46082

Thank you, and God bless you!

Sei and Yah


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