A Time of Sorrow, A Time of Hope

Dear Friends,

We have read about the grief, turmoil, and conflict that has besieged the United States in the wake of the death of Mr. George Floyd.  The depth of the pain and anguish which has settled on the United States—the country that has given us so much opportunity– has not escaped our notice.  We pray for you!  We pray for peaceful progress toward solutions, and we pray for those who grieve. 

Yet in the depths of grief and sorrow, hope arises.  We are pleased to tell you that through your faithful donations, and a donation from one of our partner churches, we have sufficient funding to purchase all of the roofing materials we need.  The photo below shows the framing for the roof.  Corrugated aluminum roofing sheets will be secured on top of the framing.  Because the government lessened the hours of curfew (it is now from 6 pm to 6 am) we have been able to increase the work hours of our carpentry team.  We are expecting the roof frame to be completed on Saturday.   Today, we began the use of carbonyl for wood preservation on the roof.  We are very much on target to begin work on the corrugated sheets within the next week or two.

We rejoice in God’s faithfulness in bringing us to this point!

(Turn your sound up for viewing the two videos below the photo, for the sounds and sights of Liberia!)

Today progress-framing almost completed
A view of the frame of the roof.

After the roof, there is more work to be done.  Immediately following the completion of the roofing, we will begin the interior and exterior plastering, and installation of windows and doors.

Future work includes electrical hook-up, plumbing, and well-drilling.  Please pray that each step can be accomplished in an efficient and timely way.

You may be wondering if our first harvest of fish has gone to market.  The fish are ready, but the community is not.  Covid-19 restrictions have prohibited us from taking the fish to market, but as soon as the government deems that it is safe to reopen the local markets, we will be ready to proceed.  We are hoping that the easing of restrictions will begin this month.  Enjoy the video above, and see our fish jumping out of the water to be fed!

You may recall a few months ago that we asked for suggestions for the name of the school.  We want to thank you all for the suggestions you sent in, and we a great deal of consideration to each one.  We have chosen the name “Christian Leadership Academy”, and will use the abbreviation “CLA” sometimes when referring to the school.  Praise God for each step forward that we take!

An update on Covid-19 in Liberia:  Liberia’s positive cases are currently at 311 and deaths at less than 30 according to a news report this week.  We are still under curfew. However, instead of a 3 pm to 6 am curfew, we now have 6 pm to 6 am curfew daily.  There is still a restriction on crossing county lines and travel in general.  Slowly businesses are opening, but within the restricted hours. At the beginning of the restrictions, only food stores were allowed to open, but now others have been added.  Many are laid off and no businesses are employing right now.   All schools are still closed, and there are no flights in or out of the country.

Prayer request:   Please pray for Kevin and our friends of Santa Barbara Community Church in California who are collecting furniture and books to be shipped to CLA in Liberia.   Pray that we will get approved for a duty-free privilege so we can get a reduced cost clearance from the Liberian port.

Friends, despite the distance between us, we feel the warmth of your caring, and send back to you our warmest hopes and fervent prayers for peace, justice, and harmony.  In these difficult times, as always, God is our refuge and our strength, and the only sure answer to the problems of the world.  We pray for his kingdom on earth. 

Sei and Yah

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