So Many Blessings, So Much News!

Landing on the Roof

God has done it again because of you! Now we have a structure from top to bottom! Thank you! Thank you for your generous donations!

It was a red-letter day for us when the zinc corrugated roofing material arrived on campus about a week ago. Not only had we been waiting for the delivery to arrive from Monrovia, we were also waiting for roof completion because it signifies a milestone in the construction of the building.

Roofing work started immediately upon arrival of the roofing material, and you can see from the photos that we have 100% completed the roofing! It took 95 bundles of corrugated sheets, 30 cartons of nails, and a 15-strong carpentry team to accomplish the task. IT IS DONE!

The carpentry team, local officials and visitors gather to celebrate the completion of the roof.

We Are Getting Ready for YOU!

As we awaited the arrival of the roofing materials, we have been able to work on two guest faculty apartments on the lower level of the building. We’ve been working on an interior floor plan for the apartments, and each apartment will have 2 bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a pantry, a small office, and a patio. We are excited about becoming ready to welcome guest faculty onto the campus in style!

Here is the location of the two guest faculty apartments, on the lowest level of the building. The center of the building is to the left. The administration offices and library are at the farthest left end of the building. Thanks to Mr. Chestin Polay for this photo.

Supplies Are On the Way!

Thanks to the hard work of one of our partner churches, we will soon be receiving a shipping container filled with elementary and high school furnishings. These furnishings are the backbone of our start-up supplies. These gently-used furnishings and supplies were collected by Kevin Callaway and members of the Santa Barbara Community Church, and are ready for shipment. While the roster of donated items is too long to list completely, we can tell you that it includes:

35 boxes of elementary text books, workbooks, and reading books

20 boxes of high school text books, workbooks and reading books

Art supplies

White boards and chalk boards

10 office desks and chairs

Library tables and chairs

Sports equipment


Hand tools

High School science equipment

The list is long, and we are so grateful to our friends in Santa Barbara. Oh, by the way, the list also includes an industrial size coffee maker, for which we are very grateful! There are also plans for one or two church members to come to Liberia to confer with us and prepare us to teach using the STEM model of education. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and is widely used in the United States today.

More Fish Ponds and Trees

If all of that is not enough, we are working on the next fish ponds. What you see below is Fish Pond #8 and #9. This brings us very close to our goal of 10 fish ponds. We have fish ready to go to market; we are just waiting for a lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions to accomplish this.

At the bottom of the photo, you can see Fish Pond #7 which is completed. Above that are Fish Ponds #8 & #9 which are under construction.
It takes a lot of hard work to complete a fish pond. We are grateful to our dedicated work crew for their willingness to tackle a job like this.

More trees have been purchased for our small nursery, and have been planted. We recently purchased 30 coconut trees. We now have avocado, coconut, banana, plantain, mango and orange trees. In a couple of years when they bear fruit, the fruit will become part of our financial sustainability program. In about a week, Yah and I will be heading to Monrovia to purchase more trees for the campus landscape.

Getting ready to plant coconut trees

We continue with Discipleship and Entrepreneurship

Our ongoing work has not been neglected! The Discipleship Groups are meeting and are strong and vibrant. Our Entrepreneurship Program is still thriving, and we are watching young women improve the lives of their families by owning and managing small businesses.

Finishing and Furnishing–Our Next Goal

One shipment is ready and soon will be on its way. The roofing is 100% complete. Praise for your generous donations that are making all these things possible.

Next we are moving on to interior and exterior plastering. Doors and windows need to be installed. Electricity needs to be hooked up and lighting fixtures installed. There is plumbing to be completed and bathroom fixtures to be put in. We need to drill at least one well to bring fresh, potable water into the building. With a goal of an early 2021 opening, we will be very busy.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Living Water International-Gompa has been contacted to drill a well that will provide an adequate water supply for the entire campus. The estimated cost is $15,000.
  2. The Gompa-based private based electrical company (Jungle Power) is ready to give us power and our own transformer. The estimated cost is $20,000. This includes wiring the building and installing all fixtures.
  3. Interior and exterior plastering: We need 3000 bags of cement @ $10.00 per bag.
  4. 120 glass windows need to be installed, at a cost of $125 per window.

Our total need is $80,000. As of July 1, 2020, we have raised $219,104. So far, we have been able to build on budget. Can we put forth a monumental effort to raise the last $$80,000?

Your generous donations are essential as we push toward the finish line. Today, would you please consider a generous donation? You can click on the “Donate” tab above to make a donation–all donations are valuable whether large or small. You can also send a check to CLTI, and mail it to P. O. Box 1123, Carmel, IN 46082. We are a 501(c)3 and your donations are tax deductible according to the law. Or, if you or your place of business have resources of a different type to help us get started, please email me at

The Health of the World

Friends, we are aware of the surge in Covid-19 cases in the United States in Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, and many other states. We pray for the health and well-being of people all over the world every day. In Liberia as of today, we have had 1010 cases of Covid-19 and 51 deaths. While every death is a great loss, we feel blessed that the numbers have been as low has they have. We are still under quarantine from 6 pm to 6 am. We pray that the world will soon be rid of this terrible disease and that the doctors and scientists will soon develop a vaccine and medications to eradicate the virus. Please know that you are in our prayers.

Sei and Yah

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