An Urgent Request

Dear Partner,

Greetings from Gompa, Liberia!

We are just about to end four months of heavy rain in Liberia–June through September! The rainy season allowed us plant hundreds of fruit trees, beautiful masquerade trees, and royal palms on the campus.  All of the trees are growing very well!   A beautiful campus is in the making!

Friend, thank you so much for your partnership with CLTI over the past several years.  Your prayer and generosity has made so much impact in building God’s Kingdom work in Liberia.  

I write this note to make a special APPEAL. We urgently need your generous financial gift toward finishing the interior and exterior plastering, and CLEARING our shipping container from the Port of Monrovia. Your gift along with other friends is allowing us to construct a 21st century college preparatory school in Liberia.  


The ground floor plastering is 70% complete.  This means we are only 30% away from completing the ground floor plastering, and starting on the second-floor plastering. Twelve extremely skillful concrete masons are pressing on toward the finish line!   

As seen in this photo, some of the work team have already started the exterior plastering.

Unfortunately, we are out of material.

1,000 bags of cement are still needed to complete the entire plastering job—inside and outside.  Today, would you please consider making a donation to allow us to purchase more bags of cement?  

  • $100 will purchase ten bags of cement.       
  • Thirty bags of cement will complete one whole classroom. 
  • $5,000 will purchase 700 bags direct from the cement factory in Monrovia at wholesale price, and complete the entire ground floor and most of second floor.


On August 10th, our partners in Santa Barbara, California, shipped a FORTY-FOOT container to CLTI—Liberia.   The container is loaded with critical startup equipment and materials, text  books and library books that the school needs. The container is scheduled to arrive in Monrovia on September 25th.  

Our California friends have graciously paid the full cost of the shipping, and an additional $2,000 to help pay a portion of the duty cost.    

$6,000 is needed to cover the full cost of duty and cost of trucking the materials to Gompa.  We are given only three days grace period to clear the container upon arrival or pay outrageous late fees that could be beyond our means.

Friend, would you consider a generous donation now to help free this container from the Port of Monrovia?  

Your donation will complete the interior and exterior plastering work, and help save the forty foot container from the port of Monrovia.  This is very time sensitive as September 25th is just around the corner!

Thanks for your faithful partnership in bringing God’s Kingdom in Liberia!


Sei and Yah

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