With Gratitude. . .And We Hope to See You Soon!

Dear Friend,

Greetings from Gompa!  We continue to pray for you and your family, and glad that you are staying safe and healthy.

Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  Through your generous giving, we have received the $6,000 needed to clear the container that was shipped from California containing furniture and books for the school. The container had a delayed stop in Germany but is estimated to now arrive in Liberia on November 9th. Please join us in praying for its safe arrival. 

In addition to the container clearance donations, we received additional donations that allowed us to purchase 250 bags of cement. This allowed us to complete the plastering of the 1st floor of the school building. The ceilings and walls of the first floor are all complete!  As we continue to receive generous donations, we will move to plaster the 2ndfloor. 

Ground Floor Hallway Finish Coat (near the center of the building)
Ground Floor Interior Hallway Finish Coat of Plaster
Exterior Finish Coat Plastering

Why are we here?  In 2015, our faithful God called us and launched us to serve in Liberia through Christian Leadership Training International.  Our ministry has a three-fold focus:  Discipleship, Entrepreneurship and Education.

From this initial call, you partnered with us, and together we are serving the people of Liberia.  The last 17 months that we have spent on the ground have been very fruitful.  With your generous support and prayer, we have constructed the college preparatory high school from foundation level to almost completion. Both the discipleship and entrepreneurship are growing and continue to positively impact women in business and young people seeking to grow in the Lord.  

ARRIVING IN THE U.S. IN 10 DAYS.  Yah and I last departed from Indianapolis on March 24, 2019 and will be arriving back in Indianapolis on October 20, 2020. We plan to spend about 4-5 months in the U.S. not only resting and reconnecting with family and friends but fundraising to continue serving the people of Liberia. 

Mindful of COVID restrictions, we will plan to quarantine for the first couple of weeks after arrival. We then plan to reconnect with our daughter Olivia, son Deizie, friends, Bible study groups and churches in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan until Christmas. We will then spend Christmas and the New Year with our daughter Lily and her husband Magnus who reside in Palm Springs, CA. After the New Year, we will visit with our friends and partners in Santa Barbara, CA, and visit with our son Ben in Stockton, CA, before going to visit our daughter Tonzia, ministry friends and partners in Denver, CO. Our final stop will be in Florida and then we will return to Indiana before leaving for Liberia in March.

We ask that you connect us with any friends, Bible study groups, organizations, businesses and churches that may be interested in supporting CLTI. Yah and I will make ourselves available during our time in the U.S. to engage with them. 

Prayer Needs:

  • Recruiting of teachers to teach for Liberia as we plan to open in 2021
  • Please contact your local schools for donated school materials such as classroom chairs and desks from grade 1 through 12 (please contact me for any pickup).
  • Funds to complete all phases of construction
  • Design and complete the appropriate curriculum based on STEM for the school

Thank you for your prayer for safe travels, health, and the people we serve! 

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Sei and Yah

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