Growing More Thankful!

November 2020

Dear friend,

Happy Holidays! Since our arrival in the U.S., we have been grateful to be able to reconnect with family and friends and happy to see everyone healthy. 

We recently celebrated Yah’s birthday with our children in Indiana. Two days before Yah’s birthday we were surprised with Lily’s arrival from Palm Cathedral City, CA. A day before her birthday Tonzia surprised us by arriving from Denver, CO, and as we were getting ready to sing happy birthday to Yah during a small gathering, Ben walked in as the final surprise arriving from Stockton, CA. 

We were so appreciative of their thoughtfulness to surprise us since this was the first time we were all together in one location in three years! We are truly thankful to our faithful Lord for traveling mercies and health for our family.

L to R: Deizie, Lily, Olivia, Ben, Tonzia, Yah and Sei

Dinner with Discipleship Partners Joe and Maureen Williamson

Joe and Maureen Williamson have been close friends and ministry partners for a number of years. Joe has a passion for discipleship which is an arm of CLTI.  The dinner was held at their home to celebrate the discipleship program and introduce us to his new partners at Mercy Road Church in Carmel, IN. We were pleasantly surprised to meet his new partner, our old friend Greg Strand, and enjoyed meeting new friends. 

Sei, Yah, Joe and Maureen Williamson, and friends including Jay Skinner, CLTI Networking Coordinator

The evening gave us a unique opportunity to meet and share with new discipleship partners, allowing them to see what God is already doing in Liberia through CLTI.  Thanks to Maureen for hosting and preparing a delicious meal for the group!

Generous Furniture Donations received from a Local High School

As we approach the final phases of the college preparatory high school in Ganta, we have shifted our focus on the resources that will be needed to open the school. 

In September each member of the CLTI support team sent letters to local school districts encouraging them to donate any extra furniture to CLTI for the school in Liberia.  Jon Lieberman, CLTI Board of Directors Chairman, received a great response from the Westfield School District. They provided library chairs, tables, over 240 desks and chairs, 24 chalk and white boards, podiums, over 20 teacher desks and more! We are so thankful to God for connecting us with those that share our vision for education because what would costs of thousands of dollars will now only cost a shipping fee to Liberia! 

Last Friday, we filled the first truckload of items to be driven to Chicago and stored in a warehouse before being shipped to Liberia by early March.  

Deizie, Jon, Wesley, Sei and friends loading up the school furniture

Thanks to the hard work of one of our partner churches, Santa Barbara Community Church in CA, we have shipped the first 40-foot container filled with elementary and high school furnishings to Liberia. These furnishings are the backbone of our start-up supplies. These gently-used furnishings and supplies were collected by Kevin Callaway and members of the Santa Barbara Community Church, and are expected to arrive in Liberia by the end of November.  This shipment includes 35 boxes of elementary text books, 20 boxes of high school textbooks, reading books, art supplies, white boards, 10 office desks and library tables and chairs, sports equipment and high school science equipment. We are so grateful to our friends in Santa Barbara for this generous donation.   

We’re very thankful to YOU for your generous financial support which has allowed us minister unhindered through the COVID19 pandemic.  Every time you made a generous gift to CLTI ministry, YOU made an enormous impact on our ministry and the community we serve. 

The Apostle Paul encourages all of us, believers in Christ to remain thankful in all circumstances (I Thessalonians 5:18). 

Here are two easy ways you can give to CLTI Ministry: make a check payable to CLTI and mail to:

P.O. Box 1123.  Carmel, IN 46082.

Donate online:  Visit, and click on “Donate” for easy and secure payment through PayPal.  Please note you can set up a recurrent donation on this site.

Thankful to YOU and to HIM,

Sei and Yah,

Christian Leadership Training International

Phone contact:  317-795-8485

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