A Special Year-End Gift!

                                                                                                                                                                                                          December 2020

Dear Partner in Christ,

We are grateful for generous and faithful friends like you that have poured out your love and support for CLTI. You have helped us move forward unhindered through this COVID storm. But we’re not there yet. We set a goal of raising $96,000 to finish the construction of the school building this year and we are happy to report that we have raised $35,000. We are hoping to raise the additional $61,000 by the end of the year! 

Your year-end gift will help us complete the construction. The school will address the needs of 1,200-1,500 students so they can obtain a quality education and eventually prepare for college admissions. These students can now have a second chance at life by using education to break free from the cycle of severe poverty.

We are so grateful that your diligent prayers and financial generosity has borne much fruit and directly impacted the community we serve.

In September, we had our “crossing the Red Sea” moment!  Your generous gift completed the roofing! Most of the exterior and interior plastering are in progress.  You are our real heroes in this crossing!

(L) Building before exterior plastering (R) Building after exterior plastering

Now, a plan is put in place to finish the building and reach our goals by 2021.  We also received a very generous gift from the school corporation of Westfield Washington Schools. They are giving us hundreds of desks (for students and teachers) and chairs, and many white boards, filing cabinets, and tables for the school.

We will share the amazing story of how the Mayor of Westfield helped to arrange this wonderful blessing in January. Look for how this all happened in the next newsletter. We’ll have great pictures of these furnishings to show you how God is answering your prayers and those in Liberia.

Would you please consider a generous gift?

Your Year-end generous gift will purchase the following finishing materials:

  • Electricity for the building                                                 $10,000
  • Cement needed to complete the plastering                     $10,000
  • Monthly support for missionary and national staff      $2,500

Student Sponsorship Fund.  These three students are in need of financial assistance.

  • Patrick Nurkpah is a senior and a biology major at United Methodist University in Monrovia, Liberia.  Patrick plans to go to medical school and serve his nation as a medical doctor.          
    • $1,000 will cover Patrick’s tuition and books for one whole year.
  • Jefferson Polay is a freshman pastoral theology student at ABC University.  Jefferson is currently serving as our interim national coordinator for the discipleship program.
    • $2500 will cover Jefferson’s tuition and fees for one whole year.
  • Amelia Kpoblie is first year student in financial management at Liberia International Christian College. Amelia is serving as our interim administrator and director of entrepreneurship.
    • $1,000 will cover tuition and fees for one whole year.

CLTI’s vision has started like a small tree planted by the rivers of water that in due time brings forth its fruit. This “education” opportunity tree will soon give thousands of the best and brightest underprivileged young Liberians, boys and girls, an opportunity to one day change the nation of Liberia for Christ.

Would you pray and consider making a donation for a timely completion of the construction of this college preparatory high school?

Here are two easy ways you can give to CLTI Ministry:

  • Make a check payable to CLTI and mail to:  P.O. Box 1123.  Carmel, IN 46082.
  • Donate online:  Click on the “Donate” tab above for easy and secure payment through PayPal.   Please note you can set up a recurrent donation on this site.

Your partners in Christ’s Kingdom work,

Sei and Yah Buor,

President, Christian Leadership Training International

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