Welcome to the website of Christian Leadership Training International!  We are glad you have found us!

Our missionaries, Dr. Sei and Mrs. Yah Buor, are dedicated to bringing both short-term and lasting change to Liberia, where the economy and educational resources have suffered greatly since the Liberian Civil War and the Ebola Crisis.  Together, with the help of American partners, Dr. & Mrs. Buor have ministry goals which are threefold:

  • Education:  to help prepare high school students for college admission through after school tutoring and enrichment programs in preparation for the national achievement test each May. A modest scholarship program is in place.  The formation of a premier high school in the Ganta area is in the planning stages.
  • Entrepreneurship:  to assist young women who are struggling to support their families by mentoring, encouraging and guiding them, and by offering short-term financial loans to aide in small business start-up.
  • Discipleship/Leadership:  to mentor, encourage and teach young Liberian adults in the beliefs and practices of the Christian faith, knowing that these young adults are the future of Liberia.
Sei and Yah -2

Dr. Sei (right) and Yah Buor

CLTI’s vision is to effect transformation spiritually, socially, and economically in the communities we serve. 

As you browse the pages of our website, we hope you will make a commitment to pray for Dr. and Mrs. Buor and the people they are serving. We also hope that you will follow our blog, or join us on Facebook, to keep in touch with the progress of our ministry and all the current “doings.”

God bless you as you walk on your faith journey!


Dr. & Mrs. Buor (far right) with their family