Meet Dr. & Mrs. Buor

There is no better way for you to meet Dr. & Mrs. Buor than to read their story in their own words.  The sections below in italics are taken from Dr. Buor’s two books, No More War: Rebuilding Liberia through Faith, Determination & Education, and Vision, Valleys & Victories: Growing Liberia International Christian College.  These excerpts provide a brief synopsis of the journey Sei and Yah have traveled in their quest to seek the will of God.  We have added a few sections to help provide continuity.  If you would like to read a more detailed account of their journey, please click on the “Resources” tab.

“Every Day Belongs to God”

”The pursuit of education has defined my life.  Education was a passion for me from a very early age.  I was born and grew up in the small village of Yarsonnah (Riverview), Nimba County, Liberia.  My first education was tribal as was that of my contemporaries.  We learned how to survive in the jungle in the Poro School.  We learned how to make clothing; how to build a shelter from branches and tree leaves; how to find, gather and cook food; how to dig a well, and many other things that were necessary for survival without modern conveniences in the jungle.  We also learned subsistence farming from our families.


Sei Buor early in his education

”I wanted more education than that.  I desperately wanted to go to elementary school.  With my father’s help, I was fortunate to attend Karnwee Elementary School.  This was the beginning of my western-style education.  My ‘commute’ to this school was walking 5 miles each way on dirt roads.  

”It was shortly after my time at Sanniquellie Central High School in Nimba County that I came to know the saving power of Jesus Christ.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Amos Miamen and his wife, Mary, who shared this knowledge with me and mentored me as I grew in faith.”

It was also during his later high school years that Sei met Miss Yah Bee, a young lady from the village of Kpain, about 60 miles away from Yarsonnoh.  She had traveled to his village to sell food at the flea market.  A quiet and gentle girl, she quickly captured Sei’s heart.  Their marriage a few years later was not without some consternation from both sides of the family, because Sei and Yah were from two different tribes.  It was Yah’s mother who reminded her father that their own three sons might find themselves in a similar situation, which helped smooth the way. Marry they did, and they have traveled this journey together ever since.

”In 1981 I started teaching at United Libera Inland Church Academy (a high school).  I learned to share the gospel under the tutelage of Rev. ‘Pops’ Carson and served as a translator for visiting evangelists.”

Dr. Buor’s quest for education took the Buors from Ganta, Liberia, to Nairobi, Kenya, then to Holland, Michigan, and finally to Chicago, Illinois, where Dr. Buor received his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

”When I graduated [from a master’s program in Nairobi] civil war had broken out in Liberia.  I was unable to safely return to my family in Liberia, and so I ended up taking a position as a pastor in Gambia, with the help of World Evangelization for Christ International.  While in Gambia, I began to pursue further education in the United States.  I was accepted to Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan.  Before I left for America I wanted to return to Liberia to visit my family and to observe conditions there.  Many counseled against this, but I did manage to visit, and I did return safely after seeing the devastation and bidding farewell to my mother.  Eventually, with the help of a local church, I was able to bring Yah and our children to Holland, Michigan to live with me in 1995 as I continued my education.  Both Yah and I worked several jobs, including working on a blueberry farm, to support our family during our time in Holland.

sei and yah

Dr. & Mrs. Buor

”I co-founded the United Liberia Inland Church Associates and Friends (ULICAF) in 1996.  This group of mostly displaced Liberians worked hard to help fellow Liberians establish themselves and learn the culture of the United States.  Most are Christians and feel that an education is very important.

”In 2005 I accepted a full-time ministry position with ULICAF as Executive Director.  Members of ULICAF felt that Liberia needs more educated people to establish itself as a self-governing country and to meet the many needs of the people.  As a result, in 2008 I became co-founder and President of Liberia International Christian College (LICC) in Ganta, Liberia.

”For almost 12 years we had waited on the Lord!  We raised our children and were really blessed to make hundreds of wonderful friends and partners who support Liberia.  Then, on December 3, 2015, Yah and I made a permanent return to Ganta, Liberia.  I served as LICC’s first president from 2009 until 2016.  However, on July 14, 2016, I stepped down as new leaders emerged to grow the vision.  I am very excited about what God will do through these new leaders!”


Over 500 seniors from 10 Ganta area high schools are currently participating in after school studies to prepare for college entrance exams.  This program, called Reaching for Academic Excellence,  was developed by Christian Leadership Training International.  Here we see a very happy group of student after the pre-test was taken in late February 2017.

Since that time, Dr. and Mrs. Buor’s dream has not died.  They have founded Christian Leadership Training International (CLTI).  Their ministry is threefold  in nature: Education, Discipleship, and Entrepreneurship.  With an emphasis on education, the Buors have started a program to prepare high school seniors for college entrance exams, and have started a modest scholarship program to help students from disadvantaged homes.  They also have developed preliminary plans to create a premier high school in the Ganta area.  In the are of discipleship, Dr. & Mrs. Buor are mentoring 12 young adult Christians, knowing that it is the young adults of Liberia who will carry the country into the future.  And finally, Mrs. Buor has started an entrepreneurship program to help young women from disadvantaged families to start small businesses.  Mrs. Buor’s own experience as an entrepreneur and owner of her own small business while Dr. Buor was in school has prepared her well for this role.  

The Buor’s have five children: Olivia, Deize, Tonzia, Lily and Ben, who all live in the United States.  Dr. & Mrs. Buor live in Ganta, Liberia, and return each year to do networking, fundraising, and to see their family and friends.