Our Liberian Partners

Jordan River Health Center

Helena Gbalazeh-Suah, Director

Located in Monrovia, Liberia, this health center was started by Mrs. Helena Gbalazeh-Suah in December 2015.  Mrs. Gbalazeh-Siuah, a registered nurse, received her education in Liberia and the United States, and worked in New Jersey for 19 years before returning to Liberia to seek God’s will in serving the people of Liberia.  The clinic relies on donations, and serves those who are disadvantaged in the Monrovia area.  You can read more about the Jordan River Health Center on our blog in the entry dated December 12, 2016.


Dr. & Mrs. Buor deliver a donation of medical supplies to the staff of the Jordan River Health Center.  These supplies were generously donated by the organization Fellowship of Associates in Medical Evangelism (FAME) located in Indianapolis, IN.