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“Join us in our journey of relentless love and redemption to grow the next generation of godly leaders.”  Dr. Sei Buor  


Working with Christian Leadership Training International (CLTI) is a great way to live your faith in a positive, Christ-centered environment. Mission trips can become life-IMG_4716changing experiences, and the growth you realize during and after a mission trip to Liberia can deepen and strengthen your walk with God.

Mission trips take a lot of planning, and there are many details to think about and tasks to be completed before you go. We are here to help! Thanks to one of our CLTI friends and supporters, we have put together this guide to help make the planning of your mission trip to Liberia easier

  1. Who should go? We welcome all adults who have a passion for missions and for God’s work in the world. All skills are needed: construction, medical, agriculture (particularly aquaponics), evangelism, discipleship, and children’s ministries. High school groups who would like to plan a mission trip are also welcome!
  2.  How long should your trip be?   A minimum of 10 days to 2 weeks.

Here is More Information You Will Need

Travel plans:

Round trip airfare can be booked with a reputable travel agent, or, if you are coming as an individual you can create your own travel itinerary if you prefer. A typical route is:

  • Home city to Brussels, Belgium
  • Brussels to Monrovia, Liberia
  • Motor transportation from Monrovia to Gompa (about 3 hours by car, arranged by CLTI)

Needed documents and registrations: 

  • A valid U. S. passport with at least 6 months left before expiration
  • A visa from the Liberian Embassy in Washington D. C. Apply early. You can find complete information about visas, including a link to download a copy of the application form by going to the Embassy of Liberia’s website page for visas:

For your application, please note: your trip to Liberia is not for “work” and you are not a tourist. Please indicate on your application that you are going to Liberia for Christian mission work with Christian Leadership Training International (CLTI) in Gompa City.

EMI getting started on the land

You will also need the names and address of two residents of Liberia for your application. When you begin planning your mission trip, we will provide you with the names and addresses you need for the application.

  • It is recommended that you register your trip to Liberia with the United States Department of State. You can register by going to Registering with the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program means that the U. S. Embassy will know how to reach you during your stay.


Currently, immunization for Yellow Fever is the only immunization which you are required to have.  However there are a number of immunizations you might want to consider before you go. We encourage you to discuss what might be best for you with your doctor. The most current information about immunizations will be from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Information concerning needed immunizations can be found at Your medical insurance may cover all or some of the cost of your immunizations.

EMI- meal timePlease obtain a copy of the “Yellow Book” from the World Health Organization (WHO). The Yellow Book, which is updated every two years by the Center for Disease Control, contains information you and your doctor need to insure your health while abroad. You can find information about the Yellow Book by going to

If you are unable to obtain the immunizations you need from your doctor, please send us a message on our “Contact” page and we can provide you with a list of companies that specialize in immunizations for foreign travelers.


We have listed the approximate costs for your mission trip to Liberia. These amounts are subject to change.

  • Airfare:  $1600 to $2500 per person
  • Round trip car transportation between Monrovia and Ganta:  $160 per person
  • Accommodations:  $50 per night per person
    This includes housing, meals, laundry, 24-hour Internet and electricity
  • Special farewell dinner and a sightseeing evening in Monrovia: $50 per person
  • Passport $140 for new/$110 for renewal
  • Liberian Visa:  $160
  • Immunizations:  Cost varies.  Your health insurance may cover some of your costs.

Many mission organizations suggest a $600 one-time contribution per person toward your passion project. We encourage you to consider a donation.

Often, people going on a mission trip will raise funds through church and family giving. We encourage you to explore these possibilities to help support your trip.

Useful websites:

And finally:

If you are interested in planning a mission trip please email  Dr. Sei Buor at

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