Read About Our Building Project

Interior Plans have arrived!

Enjoy looking at some interior plans for the first building:  the Junior/Senior High School building.  (Please note–the administrative offices on Level 1-west end and the library on Level 2-west end are planned for construction after the Junior/Senior Hi building is competed.)

Level 1 East End

Level 1 East End

Level 1 West End

Level 1 West End

Level 2 East End

Level 2 East End

Level 2 West End

Level 2 West End

Ariel View

Ariel View–to show location of Junior Hi/Senior Hi building

Help Liberia Grow the Next Generation of Godly Leaders

Christian Leadership Training International is building a 3-4 phase Leadership Development Campus which will become the home to a multi-functional college preparatory/vocational high school and office space for the Entrepreneurship Program and the Leadership/Discipleship Program.  The site will also have a Health Center that will be initially for students and staff, but which will be open to the community once it is well established.  Plans are in place for fish ponds and an area for aquaponic farming to provide educational opportunities as well as fresh fish and produce to the school and to the community.  An amphitheater built on the natural slope of the land rounds out the design.  This amphitheater will have multiple uses for the school, nearby churches, and the community.  Future plans for a junior high school and an elementary school are in place.  The design includes energy-saving technology to optimize energy efficiency.  Solar panels will provide for a portion of the campus’s electrical needs.  Likewise, the many mature palm trees that are already on the property, supplemented with new plantings, will provide shaded areas where students and staff can study, hold outdoor classes, or relax as the working day comes to a close.

Phase I of the construction consists of the following components:

  • Access road
  • Jr High/Sr High multi-functional school building
  • Health Center, Entrepreneurship office space and Leadership/Development office space
  • Farming area for fish ponds and aquaponic production of produce

Phase I construction is scheduled to begin on March 15 with the following projects:

  • Clearing the access road
  • Hiring the construction crew and construction supervisor
  • Clearing the land, preserving as many of the young and mature trees as possible
  • Hauling sand, gravel and cement to the site to make bricks
  • Make 20,000 concrete bricks
Front View

Front view

Phase II would likely consist of:

  • Construction of the administrative office/library
  • Construction of the gymnasium
Rear View

Rear view

Phase III & IV would bring in the elementary school building, cafeteria/auditorium, and amphitheater.

Side Aerial View

Side view

Site Layout

Site layout


Interior layout

This campus will fulfill a vast array of needs for the Ganta community.  Young people will have the opportunity for an education that will prepare them for college admission.  Leaders will emerge within the community as the Leadership/Discipleship Program prepares young people to be the leaders of tomorrow.  Disadvantaged women will have the confidence of knowing that their futures are secure because of the small business loans and mentoring they have received through the Entrepreneurship Program.  We also plan on offering classes to adults who are past school age on evenings and weekends in the areas of literacy, home budget management, and vocational skills.

The Jr/Sr High building will also serve the community for meetings, and larger gatherings. 

We look forward to the completion of this project, and hope you will join us in this journey.  Please click on the “Donate” tab above to make your donation, or mail your check to:  


P. O. Box 1123

Carmel, IN  46082